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User Info: Brocolli-San

1 week ago#1
Who's your favorite?

Even though Setsuna is Gundam, and Kira's adorably childish solution to the Kleos War Fetish was indeed very amusing and fun, I find Uso more enjoyable overall. Domon is a close second.
Garrod Ran
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User Info: Galbias

1 week ago#3
probably Mikazuki for just not giving a f*** in general

I guess I'll pick Setsuna though

User Info: Energist

1 week ago#4
Shiro Amada.
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Domon Chasshu Ramen.
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User Info: LightPersona8

1 week ago#6
Amuro Bright Slap Ray and Domon Heater Finger Kasshu are my favorites
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User Info: Starks

1 week ago#7
Fat-faced Kou
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Anavel Gato
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User Info: Darthvall

1 week ago#9
Asemu "Super Pilot" Asuno

User Info: tonicpalin

1 week ago#10
Jazz man. Or Char. Or anyone of the terrorists in Wing.
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