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User Info: MajesticFerret

1 month ago#11
Erza can't hurt him and Saitama technically only goes all out against monsters, so

Hyohaku posted...
Ends in sex.
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User Info: mizukage2

1 month ago#12
Her gag ended when her mom gave a her a spanking and she couldn't beat Acnologia.
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User Info: Brocolli-San

1 month ago#13
darealest47 posted...
Booty shorts Medaka solos them both

Medaka probs can't beat Saitama. Keep in mind that her ability, The End, only works on the plus-minus power system, in other words, she cannot copy and take non-plus and non-minus abilities to their end/final level (i.e she can't copy powers from other franchises because every franchise out there uses a different power system than her own franchise, One Piece uses the devil fruit power system, Jojo uses the Stand+Hamon+Vampirism power system, HxH uses the nen power system, Medaka can only copy abilities from her own universe, the plus+minus power system,
she can't copy Saitama's one punch gag power and make it better because his gag power is a different type since its from a different universe).

Although she will be a challenge for Saitama. Don't think either will be able to kill each other tho.
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