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User Info: HaVeNII7

1 month ago#21
Orange16 posted...
berserk is such a failure. i wish some of that talented art could go to could use... no one wants to see pseud-logical government regulation delegations. The author is so infatuated with the pseudo depth of his manga hes going to ruin it.

me liek big sword wen smash
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User Info: Nahid-San

1 month ago#22
mach25687 posted...
reptyle101 posted...
we'll probably find out next chapter, but some people on reddit think it's implying that Guts & Casca's weird child that sometimes appears is literally the same body as Griffith, and when the child appears it means Griffith disappears (his hair was maybe turning darker in the panels but it's hard to tell on the cleaned scans)

that's pretty big if true, since it potentially gives Griffith a way to be defeated

So the endgame that Guts has to kill his child to kill Griffith. You know what it kinda of fitting for berserk.

Skull Knight once told Guts that what he wants isn't what casca wants, he doesn't explicitly state what it is that Guts wants (since there's other things he wants besides killing Griffith), but it's possible he was referring to his desire to kill Griffith, which would go against Casca's desire of keeping her (malformed/demonic) child alive. If Guts wants to kill The Beautiful Man Who Did Nothing Wrong then he has to kill his and Casca's child, which is presumably not what she wants.

User Info: goodJT

1 month ago#23
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