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  3. When was Sasuke Uchiha at his coolest spoilers? *spoilers for Naruto*

User Info: masked_yazoo

1 month ago#21
He was cool? I thought he was just just trying hard edgy emo.
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User Info: Final_Revenger

1 month ago#22
COMRADES Sasuke from the Gaara fight.

User Info: Kalirion

1 month ago#23
When he was making baby with Naruto's crush.
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User Info: yumeko

1 month ago#24
Crimsonmon posted...
When Naruto is transformed as him in the third episode and nearly s***s himself [[Proud Member of the Three Yusketeers!]]

User Info: Heartfang

1 month ago#25
That large section of the manga he wasn't there
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User Info: Son Goku X

Son Goku X
1 month ago#26
He was alright up until the part where he became a petty little ***** because a scrub like Naruto was 'better' than him at something.

After that, he was just too try hard + only thought he was cool.

User Info: thedarklordx3

1 month ago#27
All of the part 1 sasukes are awesome characters imo. He sucks as a character for all of part 2 but he becomes cooler in a fight/action scene.

He stopped being human in part 2 so the redemption made zero sense
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User Info: Sasukefire

1 month ago#28
Sasuke Uchiha the Ultimate divisive character.
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  3. When was Sasuke Uchiha at his coolest spoilers? *spoilers for Naruto*
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