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  3. Question about undeveloped romance in anime and manga?

User Info: CcXs

4 weeks ago#1
When 2 characters that crush on each other from a anime and/or manga series don't end getting together in the series that they are from, how come writers and authors will usually avoid giving an official statement on whether or not if these 2 characters will end up getting together someday?

It always seems like writers and authors will always avoid answering those type of questions.

User Info: FortePlus

4 weeks ago#2
We don't need more Rowlings.
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User Info: Divided_By_One

4 weeks ago#3
UST is a thing people put in fiction on purpose. Unresolved Sexual Tension. Emphasis on unresolved. Imagine a constant cliffhanger in your loins, never giving you satisfaction. If they gave it, you wouldn't need it anymore.

Also, people react negatively to all sorts of information they get after a work is done. As Forte said, we don't need more Rowlings. As in JK Rowling, of the Harry Potter franchise, known these days for retro-actively adding details such as 'Before modern plumbing, wizards used to poop anywhere and use magic to get rid of it.' Even without ones like that, different people have different ships.

IMO, the work is the work. If it wasn't in the book (or movie, or show), it doesn't count.

Lastly, if they ever feel the desire to write a sequel, they may change their minds by then. No need to paint yourself into a corner. It annoys the fans.
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User Info: RadioactiveZ

4 weeks ago#4
What point would there be for writers and authors to give an official statement on whether or not if 2 characters end up together after a series ends?

I mean fans are still going to be disappointed no matter what since those 2 characters didn't hook up during sometime when the series was still going, and so the fans are still not going to see those 2 characters together on screen anyways (especially not after a series ends).

So writers and authors giving an official statement on those type of things are kinda pointless.
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