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  3. Is it stupid to learn Japanese to understand anime without subs/dubs?

User Info: JustWatch

4 weeks ago#41
I'd like to learn it so I can speak more freely to the Japanese artists at comicon and gaming conventions without their interpreters.

Also so that I don't have to wait for English anime bluray/manga/light novel releases which can take FOREVERRRR to get licensed and brought over in some cases.
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User Info: cador

4 weeks ago#42
EarthBuster posted...
If you have some patience, it really isn't as difficult as you probably think, and it feels very rewarding.

This. I started from an era where there were no resources online. I had to buy an english-japanese dictionary and I painstakingly translated the kanji in Air on dreamcast(after learning the hiragana and katakana of course) to learn. That's how I got my start. I'm glad we have the tools that we do today, it really speeded up my learning too.
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User Info: EarthBuster

4 weeks ago#43
If you are looking for a good place to start, check out the Japanese From Zero book series. As the name implies, it pretty much assumes going in that you know nothing and takes things nice and slow, which is great for beginnings. Genki is another popular book series that doesn't hold your hand as much but moves along a bit faster. I used both together, and learning from multiple different sources is actually a good idea.

JFZ also has supplementary videos on YouTube to go along with each lesson (up through the first 3 books). There's also more free apps available for learning Japanese than I could possibly list here. Takoboto is a great dictionary app that I used everyday. The very first thing I recommend doing is finding an app to teach yourself Hiragana. This will make learning vocab and grammar simpler, and you can pick up Katakana and Kanji as you go along.

To anyone willing to take the dive into Japanese, good luck! It's totally worth it!
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User Info: TallG3

4 weeks ago#44
Your motivation doesn't matter. It's about discipline. Are you willing to put in hard work and effort to learn Japanese? The more you study, the harder it gets. Most people give up and try to look for shortcuts or gimmicks like AJATT. All I can tell you is that it's not easy but the hard work pays off when you can go to a soapload, communicate in Japanese and get some excellent Japanese hospitality.
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