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  3. Fairy Tail is a good anime and every complaint people have about it other anime-

User Info: PokemonSwitch

1 month ago#1
-are already guilty of.

Flaw 1: Friendship hax. Yu Yu Hakusho already did this. Once in the Dark Tournament when Toguro "killed" Kuwabara, Yusuke "broke his limits." And again in the fight against Sensui. Sensui "killed" Yusuke and Hiei and Kurama ascended to A-class. Those moments were no more egregious than Fairy Tail.

Flaw 2: Fairy Tail members can beat stronger opponents with no explanation, not even friendship hax. Now this was first started by Saint Seiya. Despite being Bronze Saints, the main crew were able to fight and legitimately beat Gold Saints. Shiryu beat Deathmask simply by wishing for more power and Ikki beat Shaka by BSing out a new power.

So cut the Fairy Tail hate unless you're ready to hate other popular anime. This means you, DungMutual.

User Info: LightningAce11

1 month ago#2
Fairy tail haters are pretty hypocritical, yes. @YoungMutual
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User Info: Sloth9230

1 month ago#3
- Capricorn tells us love is the one true magic
- People still complain over power of friendship

Friendship is a literal mechanic in the universe, get over it
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User Info: Soradawn

1 month ago#4
I actually kinda like Fairy Tail but the final arc is a complete joke.

User Info: NewAnimeFanDV

1 month ago#5
It's not even worth arguing why it's bad anymore
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User Info: Romaji

1 month ago#6
FT is top tier anime. :)
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User Info: PokemonSwitch

1 month ago#7
NewAnimeFanDV posted...
It's not even worth arguing why it's bad anymore

There's no argument to be made for that. It isn't bad.

User Info: Selt_Jr422

1 month ago#8
PokemonSwitch posted...
It isn't bad.

It is. But it's not for the reasons you've mentioned. Not to me at least.

User Info: Heartfang

1 month ago#9
That's how anime hate always works.

Something gets popular and all the sudden it's flaws are 10x worse than any other series from the past with the same flaws.
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User Info: red255

1 month ago#10
The only fairy tail ive seen is the movies and oav

I dont watch long running shounen due to animation and pacing issues inherent in the genre
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