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User Info: Oblivion_Hero

1 month ago#1
Chapter title: Iga’s Counterattack

He’s going full Ippo!

@sano83 knew what was coming
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User Info: Loserboy

1 month ago#2
aaaaaaand this basically ensures Mashiba will lose
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User Info: Tanthalas

1 month ago#3
So what was supposed to be his weaknesses? You can get used to the tempo of the jabs and he can’t deal with in-fights? He gets unnerved by people not showing pain?
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User Info: s0nicfan

1 month ago#4
Loserboy posted...
aaaaaaand this basically ensures Mashiba will lose

I generally agree that this is the set up for him to take a loss, but people on Reddit have been pointing out that the only time we've ever seen him use that uppercut is against ippo in a spar. So it's possible that it was legitimately unexpected.

I think you're right though, and I'm guessing one of his weaknesses is going to be predictability. If you can force your way up close I'm willing to bet he always does those two moves in sequence.
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User Info: sano83

1 month ago#5
One of his weakness is pointed out in the Sawamura fight, how he gets into a steady rhythm and that is bad for outboxers, but I dont see Iga suddenly being an outboxer to that be relevant to this fight.

Didnt we saw the uppercut in the fight right after the spar with Ippo?
Let me check.
It was a right uppercut in the spar.
Right uppercut in the fight against the infighter (chapter 855 page 10) that was pushing Mashiba.

I think that Mashiba is going to win, just to prove that even if others can imitate Ippo as an inboxer, he is better because it have more courage or something.
But I also think that Iga might win, and be the return match of Ippo (in the fight between Iga and Aoki, Takamura says that there might be another guy gunning for him, but at that point it would have been too weird to say it out loud, maybe Kimura, but I think he meant Ippo.).
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User Info: Dorfl_2

1 month ago#6
Mashiba losing serves no purpose at this time. He's another one of the monsters Ippo is being compared to. Iga is a sacrifice to open Ippo's eyes some more.
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