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  3. Do you love anime/manga enough to actually learn japanese?

User Info: JJ Ching

JJ Ching
3 months ago#1
Translations may not be accurate and things often get lost in translation, after all.
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User Info: DK DeathKnight

DK DeathKnight
3 months ago#2
I've tried but apparently I have the language learning skills of a peanut, I can never remember any other languages but English, and I'm a hardcore traveller.
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User Info: aki_sora

3 months ago#3
this is GFAQs and stating an opinion is a declaration of WAR!

User Info: FortePlus

3 months ago#4
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User Info: User_94

3 months ago#5
Nope. Tried it 5 years ago but I hate rote learning and just couldn't do it. I'm taking basic JP again since my company is offering it but don't know how I'm going to pull through once I reach Kanji.

User Info: TheSocialBunny

3 months ago#6
Apparently yes, although I can only read it on the most basic of levels and pull an Error 404 whenever I read Kanji that are more than 6 strokes (Ability to actually speak it is... is basically nonexistent without relying on frequently pointing at Google Translate on a mobile device). ^_~

In my limited experience, its more about cultural familiarity when it comes to understanding the things lost in translation rather than the literal word itself. Something like "Onii-chan" is super easy to translate as "Older Brother" and is widely known among anime fans. However, the reason why you can't usually do a 1-to-1 replacement for "Onii-chan" in English with "Dude", "Bro", "Big Brother", or Brother Dearest" is that they don't contain the same cultural sub-text as a word of endearment (The closest English equivalent is addressing your older brother by a unique childhood nickname... but not all characters have such a thing).

In my case, trying to learn Japanese mostly came out of desperation to play import JRPGs rather than because of anime/manga though, ahahahaa. ~^_^~

User Info: Edgeknight

3 months ago#7
I'm currently at the level where I can mostly read hiragana and katakana but slowly and learning the basic grammar.

I've reached quasi-fluency in a couple of languages before but just didn't encounter them often enough to keep it.
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User Info: xF0x

3 months ago#8
I'm at JLPT3 right now and my experience with the Japanese media has definitely improved ever since I started learning. I wouldn't say I'm studying it just for manga and anime, but they're all the more reason.

Seems like everyone is learning Japanese these days, wouldn't want to feel left behind.
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User Info: GuiltyCrown

3 months ago#9
Not really. Have been reading manga more than 10 years, and I still read or pronounce more than 4 Japanese words.

User Info: Lord Seth

Lord Seth
3 months ago#10
I tried in college, but the pace was ridiculously fast (I recall hearing later it was one of the fastest paced Japanese courses in the country) so I couldn't really keep up and bailed after only 3 semesters. Unfortunately, I've forgotten almost all of the Kanji in the interim.

I really wish it had been taught at my high school, then I could've learned it all at a slower pace.
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