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User Info: dracoguardian30

3 months ago#1
I am bored lets keep this one simpler. Who is best girl in Fate/Stay Night to keep it simple instead of doing the entire Fate franchise can always do that later.

Personally I really like Sakura and am glad for the Heaven's Feel movies to finally tell her story in an anime.

User Info: ChloeLolo

3 months ago#2
saber > rider > caster > sakura > rin > taiga >= ilya

User Info: PrimePikachu

3 months ago#3

Shirou's a good runner up though

User Info: User_94

3 months ago#4

User Info: HCE

3 months ago#5
This line really won me over.
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User Info: ChingTheMonkey

3 months ago#6
Medusa, no contest
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User Info: thedarklordx3

3 months ago#7

rin and saber are kinda meh

nobody else gets any screen time iirc
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User Info: FortePlus

3 months ago#8

I don't care that you're talking about F/SN either
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User Info: MasterTurtle

3 months ago#9
Toe Soccer

i like how she has a sexy outfit version in FGO that's technically a different character but not really. And then a swimsuit version of that character and also a blonde version. She still has a long way to go with clones compared to Seiba though.
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User Info: St0rmFury

3 months ago#10
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