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User Info: Dorfl_2

3 months ago#11
What a landslide. That bad, huh.
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User Info: thedarklordx3

3 months ago#12
Scorpion122178 posted...
man this is the most lopsided poll i've done yet.

Take OT with a grain of salt, i just rewatched high school of the dead and it's god damn f***ing amazing like holy s*** but was voted as not a must watch
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User Info: reptyle101

3 months ago#13
good =/= must watch
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User Info: FawleeRunlan

3 months ago#14
Proud Tatsunoko Productions fan since childhood.
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User Info: tonicpalin

3 months ago#15
Some nice edge for npc characters, but otherwise boring to me. ...just in case anyone loves sarah palin...

User Info: CreekCo

3 months ago#16
You need a Hell No option for a few of these series and this would be case #1.

User Info: Pizza_Deliverer

3 months ago#17
reptyle101 posted...
good =/= must watch

This is the problem with the topic question. Many shows on this list I’ve had people recommend to me but a lot were voted no here. TC is 59 days in so it’s too late, but it needs a third option if you’re gonna talk about whether the show is good or not. Let alone must watch.

That’s said, had the poll not closed I would’ve voted no as well. I keep telling my friends to steer clear of this one. It’s got some good things going for it, but I had to wiki how the manga ended to know what actually happens since the series is half finished. The MC is kind of annoying and at times it’s hard to tolerate. I love the intro though. I still get it stuck in my head from time to time.
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User Info: LrDragons7

3 months ago#18
No, not a terrible but show but incomplete. I'd did love the dub though.
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User Info: Edgeknight

3 months ago#19
The OP is a must-listen for its wonderful edge.
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