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User Info: ChingTheMonkey

2 months ago#1
Last round, the winner of favourite anime mech fight was the Gurren Lagann vs Anti-Spiral.

Round 1 - Favourite swordsman: 3-way tie between Roronoa Zoro, Future Trunks, and Himura Kenshin
Round 2 - Favourite eye power: Lelouch's Geass
Round 3 - Favourite fire user: Roy Mustang
Round 4 - Favourtie ice user: Aokiji
Round 5 - Favourite lightning user: Chinese Electric Batman
Round 6 - Favourite gunslinger: Vash the Stampede
Round 7 - Favourite demon: Tie between Dante and Xellos
Round 8 - Favourite spearman: Tie between Balsa and Cu Chulainn
Round 9 - Favourite pet/mascot: Puck
Round 10 - Favourite speedster: Straight Cougar
Round 11 - Favourite blade: Dragonslayer
Round 12 - Favourite thug: Yusuke Urameshi
Round 13 - Favourite mecha pilot: Char Aznable
Round 14 - Favourite buddha user: Virgo Shaka
Round 15 - Favourite OP protagonist: Tatsuya Shiba
Round 16 - Favourite OP villain: Sosuke Aizen
Round 17 - Favourite mecha: Wing Gundam Zero EW
Round 18 - Favourite archer: Emiya
Round 19 - Favourite string user: Walter C. Dornez
Round 20 - Favourite strategist: Shikamaru Nara
Round 21 - Favourite baldy: Saitama
Round 22 - Favourite mercenary group: Band of the Hawk
Round 23 - Favourite magical girl: Takamachi Nanoha
Round 24 - Favourite revenge character: Guts
Round 25 - Favourite anime MILF: Android 18
Round 26 - Favourite redemption character: 2-way tie between Gaara and Kenshin
Round 27 - Favourite weird hairstyle: Yugi Mutou's hair
Round 28 - Favourite hot-blooded character: Domon Kasshu
Round 29 - Favourite water user: Juvia Lockser
Round 30 - Favourite half-dragon: Mink
Round 31 - Favourite robot: Chamber
Round 32 - Favourite ship: Outlaw Star
Round 33 - Favourite transformation: Kuririn no kotoka
Round 34 - Favourite ghost: Yuuko Kanoe
Round 35 - Favourite witch: Atsuko Kagari
Round 36 - Favourite succubus: Kurumu Kurono
Round 37 - Favourite angel: Femto
Round 38 - Favourite tailed character: Holo
Round 39 - Favourite singer: Brook
Round 40 - Favourite troll: Sosuke Aizen
Round 41 - Favourite beam attack: Final Flash
Round 42 - Favourite athlete: Tiger Mask W
Round 43 - Favourite motorcyclist: Yusei Fudo
Round 44 - Favourite miko: Kikyo
Round 45 - Favourite swordswoman: Clare
Round 46 - Favourite martial artist: Kenshiro
Round 47 - Favourite tournament arc: Dark Tournament
Round 48 - Favourite filler arc: Zanpakuto Rebellion
Round 49 - Favourite older sister: Olivier Mira Armstrong
Round 50 - Favourite younger sister: Komachi Hikigaya
"Any way the wind blows, that's the way I go!" - Bartz Klauser

User Info: ChingTheMonkey

2 months ago#2
Round 51 - Favourite wind user: Kazuma Yagami
Round 52 - Favourite comic relief: Mako Mankanshoku
Round 53 - Favourite earth user: Gaara
Round 54 - Favourite gravity user: Brago
Round 55 - Favourite force field user: Android 17
Round 56 - Favourite illusion master: Aizen
Round 57 - Favourite mind manipulator: Lelouch
Round 58 - Favourite light user: Kizaru
Round 59 - Favourite darkness user: Kurumi
Round 60 - Favourite plant user: Kurama
Round 61 - Favourite healer: Tsunade
Round 62 - Favourite time user: Dio
Round 63 - Favourite space user: Trafalgar Law
Round 64 - Favourite historical figure: Broskandar
Round 65 - Favourite mythological figure: Son Goku
Round 66 - Favourite brawler: Yusuke Urameshi
Round 67 - Favourite sword technique: Tsubame Gaeshi
Round 68 - Favourite gun: Punisher
Round 69 - Favourite meme: Merchandise
Round 70 - Favourite merchandise: Yugioh cards
Round 71 - Favourite siscon: Koyomi Araragi
Round 72 - Favourite brocon: Jin Kisaragi
Round 73 - Favourite megane: Harima Kenji
Round 74 - Favourite doctor: Black Jack
Round 75 - Favourite mentor: Jiraiya
Round 76 - Favourite monk: Miroku
Round 77 - Favourite second generation protagonist: Joseph Joestar
Round 78 - Favourite psychic: Saiki Kusuo
Round 79 - Favourite axe user: Escanor
Round 80 - Favourite vampire: Dio Brando
Round 81 - Favourite werweolf: Riza Wildman
Round 82 - Favourite monarch: Gilgamesh
Round 83 - Favourite prince(ss): Vegeta
Round 84 - Favourite father: Maes Hughes
Round 85 - Favourite anti-user: Misogi Kumagawa
Round 86 - Favourite scythe user: Maka Albarn
Round 87 - Favourite chain user: Kurapika
Round 88 - Favourite poison user: Sasori
Round 89 - Favourite shapeshifter: Bon Clay
Round 90 - Favourite scientist: Rintaro Okabe
Round 91 - Favourite detective: Edogawa Conan
Round 92 - Favourite giant: Diane
Round 93 - Favourite hammerspace: 4D Pocket
Round 94 - Favourite copycat: Kazane Aoba
Round 95 - Favourite rescue arc: Soul Society
Round 96 - Favourite criminal: Luffy and Lupin III
Round 97 - Favourite alter ego: Yami Yugi
Round 98 - Favourite tail: Fox tails
Round 99 - Favourite elf: Deedlit
Round 100 - Favourite catchphrase Omae wa mou shindeiru

Round 101 - Favourite battle cry: No winner
Round 102 - Favourite butler: Hayate Ayasaki
Round 103 - Favourite maid: Rem
Round 104 - Favourite student council president: Kurokami Medaka
Round 105 - Favourite tournament fight: Lee vs Gaara
Round 106 - Favourite mech fight: TTGL vs Anti Spiral

A request from @askinywhiteguy it's your favourite anime shieldbearer. Whatever the actual definition may be for it, in this topic, it simply refers to anyone that carries a shield into battle.

Not sure how I feel voting for it twice in a row...but gotta go with a classic here
"Any way the wind blows, that's the way I go!" - Bartz Klauser

User Info: JLazarillo

2 months ago#3
I was gonna say Ronove, since even if his shields aren't physical, they're still his main way of fighting.
Then I remembered Usui, though, so I'll have to just give Ronove an honorable mention.

Usui it is.
Formerly a panda, formerly a carnivore. Now just a guy without a catch phrase.

User Info: TGSnowwy

2 months ago#4
The Shield Hero, Naofumi, who is coming to anime in January 2019.

Runner-ups/ Runners-up/ whatever:
Goblin Slayer
Ulysses from Ulysses 31
M from SAO-Alt: Gun Gale Online
Rei Ayanami from Evangelion (space shuttle shield would probably win if she used it more than once)
I get the feeling Japanese designers like shields even less than helmets on main characters...
Also surprised that a tank character like Konosuba's Darkness doesn't use one (and it's not like she hits anything anyways).

User Info: RPGNoZero

2 months ago#5
Big Shield Gardner
ATK : 100
DEF : 2600
Xehanort's guardian is the will of Kairi's grandma. It will absorb Xehanort and become Kairi's grandma, the final villain!!!

User Info: CloverKitten

2 months ago#6
TGSnowwy posted...
Also surprised that a tank character like Konosuba's Darkness doesn't use one
... Really?

User Info: DrMidnight36

2 months ago#7
Libra Dohko:
A lie which is half a truth is ever the blackest of lies.

User Info: NightKaiser21

2 months ago#8
Mash i suppose | |

User Info: Vulcan422

2 months ago#9
Super Smash Bros. is not a fighting game.
SF5: M. Bison, Nash | SC6: Cervantes, Groh, 2B | T7: Feng, Kazumi, Dragunov

User Info: tallgeeseIV

2 months ago#10
NightKaiser21 posted...
Mash i suppose
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