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  3. Anyone here actually prefers reading manga over watching anime instead?

User Info: Wutobliteration

7 months ago#1
these few months, I just can't seem to appreciate anime anymore. Maybe it's due to my hectic schedule but I'd rather have the control of being able to get the story done and over with and breeze through it. Not to mention being able to consume and continue it anywhere, on your mobile phone etc...

Meanwhile for an anime, you're at the mercy of time. Why watch a 25-min episode when you can get the same substance processed within 5 minutes or so? It's especially tedious when the anime is hardly action and mostly just talking. One good example is how I couldn't get into the HxH anime despite it being the main cause of the series' new popularity. The long-winded monologues just didnt seem suited for such a long animation. Seeing the characters having to talk non-stop to each other, and in their inner thoughts especially in battle just feels so out-of-place. The manga felt way easier since it's well, something you're reading.

Of course, anime has the animation, music, colors and voice acting but honestly it's like I don't even care anymore. In fact the presence of colors just seems to ruin that oddly dull feel you get from a manga.

User Info: reptyle101

7 months ago#2
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User Info: Reikken

7 months ago#3
it's really only 20 minutes per episode most of the time. and if the anime isn't all that great I watch it at increased speed, making it 10-15 minutes

but yeah, I sometimes prefer manga and sometimes prefer anime

User Info: snesmaster40

7 months ago#4
I feel the same way sometimes. I have a lot of anime that I want to watch, but don't have enough time due to constant distractions or just feeling too tired.

A few manga that I've read have been better than the anime adaptions, since they had stuff that was cut out or the anime ended early.
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User Info: EricDent1

7 months ago#5
Maybe you need to watch better shows.

If you are streaming stuff, you can watch it anywhere as well.
Though to be fair most phone screens are rather small.
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User Info: PinaColada

7 months ago#6
Nope, you are literally the only one who prefers manga over anime, you weirdo.

User Info: Skandrae

7 months ago#7
Everyone does
Witty game-related comment.

User Info: Heartfang

7 months ago#8
I enjoy both mediums. There are a lot of anime that don't have manga or don't start with the manga, and those are the ones I watch the most.

Otherwise sometimes I get into a series from an anime and then read the manga, or I enjoy a manga enough to see it animated.
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User Info: LynnP

7 months ago#9
I've always found manga to be a vastly superior experience.

User Info: Bako Ikporamee

Bako Ikporamee
7 months ago#10
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  3. Anyone here actually prefers reading manga over watching anime instead?
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