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User Info: Mechanimal

8 months ago#1
Previous Flaw

Day 10343 - Trunk's Sword Strike on Zamasu (Dragon Ball Super) - The plot goes out of its way to ensure that Trunks will be the one to give Zamasu the finishing blow, too bad it actually made things worse. which leads to Trunks' Alternate Timeline to get destroyed and endangered the present world as well. / A different Toei show the whole "big glowy divine sword of protagonist plot armor" thing better
Day 10342 - SSB Vegito Vs. Zamasu (Dragon Ball Super) - Dragonball Super:
Patch 32:64 notes

Greetings fans,
We thought there was a necessary balance update with Potara fusion. In order to dis-encourage a reliance on Potara builds for surpassing insurmountable odds such as fighting Beerus, we have cut the duration of Potara fusion for mortals to 1 hour. Additionally, to bring it more in line with the fusion dance, increased power output will proportionally decrease the duration of fusion, therefore making it ineffective for mortals when fighting at what are now the high end metagame relevant levels of power. This may make Old Kai no longer know what he's talking about and cause claims of Vegito being ruined forever, but we hope you all enjoy the change!

Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation!
Day 10341 - Gogeta (Dragon Ball Z) - Less than 15 minutes of screentime in a franchise that has been around for 34 years / Despite how badass he is he never got so much as an actual fight. You know you dun goofed when GT did something better than you.


Wealthy Beggar (JJBA Part 3)
Miki (Mask of Zeguy)
Sayaka (Mask of Zeguy)
Leonardo da Vinci (Mask of Zeguy)
Sun Wukong (RWBY manga)
Albain Brothers (RWBY manga)
Schwi (NGNL)
Riku (NGNL)
Town Town (Destroyed PIT )
Aoi Seimoto (RIzelmine)
Shizue Kousaka (Nyan Koi)
Chizuru Mochizuki (Nyan Koi)
Saiko Akamine (11eyes)
Akari Kirishima (Nyan Koi)
Yukiko Hirohara (11eyes)
Kaori Natsuki (11eyes)
Nebula (Marvel Disk Wars)
RWBY Volume 1 Plot
RWBY Volume 2 Plot
Thanos (Marvel Disk Wars)
The Infinity Gauntlet (Marvel Disk Wars)
Lady Death (Marvel Disk Wars)
Black Order (Marvel Disk Wars)
Tira Misu (Sorcerer Hunters)
Chocolate Misu (Sorcerer Hunters)
Carrot (Sorcerer Hunters)
Hiroshi (My Dear Marie)
Hibiki (My Dear Marie)
Nemu Takara (Blue Exorcist)
Dan Kato (Naruto)
Mizune (Soul Eater)
Gatou (Fairy Tail)
Lisette Weltall (11eyes)
Madam Exorcist (Inuyasha)
Suzu Kousaka (Nyan Koi)
Goryomaru (Inuyasha)
Noriko (Blue Exorcist)
Tomonori Iwaki (Rizelmine)
Delfino Plaza (Super Mario)
Tama (Nyan Koi)
Vulcans (Fairy Tail)
Ryunosuke Hououin (Rizelmine)
Free (Soul Eater)
Yohei (Blue Exorcist)
Gonzo (LoZ: WInd Waker)
Shiori Momono (11eyes)

Redos of DOOM:When one Name a Flaw Day isn't enough

Mario (Super Mario Kun):!

Nominations are open.

Today's victim is Nam from Dragon Ball:
[Mechanimal] - Fourkids' better half.

User Info: Pokejedservo

8 months ago#2
His moves are a interesting and slightly realistic look at Indian Martial Arts.

But like many others was basically a cameo or two after the original DB series. But is sadly a reminder of back when Dragon Ball relied a bit more on actual Martial Arts than Beam Spams and Punching really fast so the animators don't have to fully draw their fists.
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