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  3. Does the crew in One Piece ever have sex on the boat?

User Info: Kalirion

3 years ago#11
Branchos posted...
I mean if you look how Nami and Robin walk around

Almost all post-timeskip women walk around like that, don't they?
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User Info: Blue_Inigo

3 years ago#12
yoshirulezz1 posted...
Characters that are 100% asexual:

Character I’m not so sure about:

Im pretty sure Franky likes boobs
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User Info: Wutobliteration

3 years ago#14
James xeno posted...
Wutobliteration posted...
I think it's safe to say at this point everyone in the SH crew are asexual. Except Brook and Sanji.

This is just a normal case (while extreme) of typical "no sex/relationships/lust" rule that now plagues anime, manga and games as a whole. (as well as some other forms of media, to an extent) Made even worse by the fact of the series targeted demographic. (different than it's core one I suspect) If you don't believe me about it being a problem with anime/manga as a whole, then go take a look at what happens when even a seinen series puts a barely R rated (could probably air on TV in a lot of countries) sex scene in today. *rollseyes*

But again, this probably has a lot more to do with the targeted audience. (which given the other content, brings up a very good question by itself)

what? that's not true at all.Nearly every damn manga and anime show has some romance going on with the MCs. Usually female characters falling in love with MC and others take a step further with the whole 'next children' sequel (eg. Bleach, Naruto).

One Piece is the only shounen I know that has absolutely no romance whatsoever. At best, the romance are only pure comedic in nature and never taken seriously (Pudding/Sanji, Franky kissing that fat woman in dressrosa, Hancock obsession eg.)

User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
3 years ago#15
Luffy - Asexual mostly, but does like women. He's more interested in meat and adventure

Zoro - crushing on Tashigi, stoic, but not asexual

Usopp - Likes Kaya, him and Nami have a lot of friendly interactions too, but I wouldn't expect it to go beyond that.

Franky - Him and Robin are heavily implied to be together, but it's never explicit. They are usually standing together, and even occasionally wear matching outfits which are different from everyone elses.This is the closest to a "canon Relationship" we have for people in the crew, but you have to pay attention to see Oda's hints.

Robin - See above, and below

Brook - Is definitely not asexual

Sanji - Likes all women, has actually had at least 2 women who like him back and are interested in him.

Nami - The latest arc has shown she does have some degree of feelings for Sanji, and she respects Luffy like a brother at the very least. She blushed when Reiju kissed Luffy, and is definitely not asexual and has never been implied to be lesbian

Chopper - Likes Carrot, it's not been explicitly stated yet, but it's pretty obvious he's crushing on her

Jimbei - He's an asexual fish

Carrot - Seems to be too young to understand attraction, but is close with Chopper who seems to have a crush on her

reptyle101 posted...
I don't think sex even exists in One Piece

Doffy and Violet were confirmed to be banging each other
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User Info: TimePharaoh

3 years ago#16
Pokejedservo posted...
The actual answer is because Oda is trying really hard to avoid any romantic sideplots in the straw-hat crew to not distract from the story and on how the series is all about adventure. Naturally this is a rather divisive concept as some accuse Oda of trying too hard to reinforce negative stereotypes on Shounen Manga but others praise him for his honesty compared to what goes on in Naruto & Bleach.

But let us take a look at the guys here as we can immediately rule out Sanji & Brook due to their well-known libidos anyways...

Roronoa Zoro- Some say he is still a bit too hung up on his past namely due to the tragic fate of his childhood gal-pal Kuina. Yes the whole idea of Kuina's accidental death by falling through stairs was so that Roronoa will not get a revenge sub-plot but he could still have angst issues. At least that was the known explanation at first.

Usopp- Well Usopp does have Kaya who is waiting for him back at their home town. The fact that Kaya has not been forgotten about and is actually working to become a Doctor especially so she could one day treat Usopp's injuries out does help this mindset out a lot.

Franky- Not sure what is the explanation for him though, other than maybe that he is the 2nd eldest of the men in the crew and that he is more "Team Dad" than anything else but I'm not sure.

Luffy- The thing with Luffy is that Oda has said more than once that he does not want to pair Luffy with Nami and has gone to somewhat questionable lengths to do so. Boa Hancock's reason for existence was so that Oda can troll the shippers as a woman with a ridiculously perfect body who is in love with Luffy but has no chance with him whatsoever.

Then the LuffyXNami shippers noted how Luffy did not react to seeing Boa nude at all but did nosebleed with the guys when Nami (well Bon Clay posing as Nami) flashed them. Oda's response was that Luffy was not aroused at all he only acted like that because was Usopp was nearby and Usopp was being a bad influence to him. The reaction to that was a bit divisive even leading to jokes such as "Wait so Luffy is only horny if he is with Usopp"? Don't get me wrong I understand that Oda doesn't want to pair Luffy with Nami and I can respect that but he could've done a better explanation than that.

Besides the issue with Luffy X Nami was more aimed towards earlier in the series before it went into a somewhat more Fanservice-driven tone shift since Alabasta. The Arlong Arc was one of the main reasons why Luffy X Nami was & is such a popular ship and also back then Nami was more modestly figured and the fact that she and Luffy are the same age was a lot more credible at the time. (Compared to nowadays on how Luffy looks like he could be Nami's kid brother.) One could wonder if Oda would've avoided a headache or two if he got Nami to be a bit older than Luffy right from the start.

Then there is Nami & Robin, a good portion of the fanbase like to think they frequently have sex with the guys a lot (well at least with Sanji). Some say that Nami & Robin frequently have sex with each-other (those two did build up quite the Womance ever since after Robin joined the crew) or some would go for a bit of both. One could only wonder at this point.

...that's a lot of words for some a unimportant and weeb topic.
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User Info: Okikurmi

3 years ago#17
Luffy is too braindead to know what sex even is. Tremble...before me... greatness... I shall ascend to the heavens...

User Info: Etheos

3 years ago#18
There's an implication.

User Info: ValzacardX

3 years ago#19
It's a kid show. At best at the end like usual we'll get a who got with who and see babies. Matter of fact we've already.

I'm pretty sure off screen everyone is banging something except Luffy, Chopper, Usopp and Brook.

Luffy obviously doesn't give a f*** about girls right now, and he's like what only 17?

Chopper is also young as s*** and before the Minks showed up, what options did he really have?

Brook, I'm 100% positive if he was Human, he would be banging Robin, and during the time skip would have been getting it in. He's a damn rockstar.

Usopp seems too scary to get laid, and or is satisfied with Kaya.

It's not like real life Navy or sea life where someones significant other getting pounded in some sea orgy.

Sanji is up in the air. His advances can be a cover up and he's still a damn virgin.

Zoro not sure how any one can look and think he's NOT getting any cat.

As for the ladies. Nami might still have her V-card and will lose after the next time skip. Old ass Robin is no way still a virgin.
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User Info: Son Goku X

Son Goku X
3 years ago#20
Well they could always have a enemy who can use pleasure-based powers and use some move that instantly knocks out anyone who's gotten laid before like that one fodder in Fairy Tail. Then we can tell.

The FT guy used to be Oda's assistant right? It could sorta happen. >_>
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