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Would you marry this character over Sakura? Day 50: Sakura

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User Info: GuiltyCrown

3 months ago#11
Sirius Reinhart posted...
TC just wanted to see Haruno get roflstomped, right? Under what conceivable circumstance would anyone find fault with Kinomoto?

TC just hate Sakura Haruno.

User Info: Deadinsideman

3 months ago#12
that's a nice image of Sakura

User Info: smithkakarot

3 months ago#13
Not gonna lie...when I was around 10-12 years old, I seriously thought Sakura Kinomoto (errrr...Avalon) and Sakura Kasugano (Street Fighter) were the same character. Yeah...I had weird thoughts as a kid sometimes.
"Welcome to Oblivion!"-Vegeta

User Info: saltedham

3 months ago#14
can someone post/link to what cardcaptor sakura looks like when older

it feels bad knowing her yuri friend was destined for heartbreak

User Info: NucaseEntertain

3 months ago#15
Dorami posted...
The final boss

That should be Inner Sakura.
People complaining that DnD gets too wargamey is like people complaining their weird sugar abomination from Starbucks tastes too much like coffee. - n00bdragon

User Info: TheWorId

3 months ago#16
If you had said Avalon, I would have gone with Sakura Haruno. But Sakura Kinomoto is a top-tier waifu. Just ask @YamaChan.
"And we will be the best guests you ever had."
I have a new master. His name is Shulk.

User Info: superstud69x

3 months ago#17
Oh look. The little girl is winning. What a shock.
Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.

User Info: redweegee

3 months ago#18
Kinomoto sure has a lot of hentai around.

User Info: YamaChan

3 months ago#19
Hahaha. Like you people are worthy of taking my Mistress's hand in marriage. Never going to happen. Ever.

But I suppose a topic where you can ponder the thought of being granted that incomparable blissful experience is harmless.
"Key which hides the powers of darkness... Show your true power before me. Under the contract, Sakura commands you. Release!!" - Sakura Kinomoto

User Info: contrafan

3 months ago#20
Which Sakura Kinomoto, though? Cardcaptor or Tsubasa?
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  3. Would you marry this character over Sakura? Day 50: Sakura

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