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Most Plot-Armored Character In History?

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User Info: sleepercell99

4 months ago#1
is it Jesus Yamato?

User Info: returnofbeans

4 months ago#2
haven't seen it, but isn't it that red head from fairy tale?
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User Info: Sol Stallion

Sol Stallion
4 months ago#3
Reiner Braun
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User Info: Baby_ragna

4 months ago#4
A man's sword isn't a thing that can be kept in his underwear, its something that should rest in a scabbard known as a girl.

User Info: s0nicfan

4 months ago#5
"History Is Much Like An Endless Waltz. The Three Beats Of War, Peace And Revolution Continue On Forever." - Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz

User Info: RPGNoZero

4 months ago#6
Erza Suelet
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User Info: k4r6000

4 months ago#7
Yami Yugi

User Info: FinalXemnas

4 months ago#8
Alex Jones' powder gives you a shriveled weewee.

User Info: mizukage2

4 months ago#9
Reiner, the reason so many other characters die in his series is because he is hogging all the plot armor. Seriously, guy got his head obliterated in a series that had previously treated that like a sure kill then it is 'revealed' that is possible for a titan shifter to survive by 'shifting his brain functions' throughout the rest of their body and he knew how to do that.
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User Info: ecylis

4 months ago#10
Sol Stallion posted...
Reiner Braun
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