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My Hero Academia Episode 31 *spoilers*

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User Info: Mr_Solo_Dolo_3

9 months ago#21
supermoc10 posted...
Team Rocket Elite posted...
supermoc10 posted...
Team Rocket Elite posted...
Why are people joining the League of Villains to support Stain? Stain's final action before getting captured was stabbing a knife into a Nomu's head. That should be enough to at least kick off a decent amount of speculation regarding whether Stain was actually a part of the League of Villains or at the very least had a falling out prior to his capture.

Well Nomus attack indiscriminately and it attacked the kid who Stain believes is one of the "real" heroes so I guess it wouldn't cause confusion for people joining the League thinking that the League shares Stain's motives. They'd know from Stain saving Deku in the footage that he deems him worthy.

I don't think the general public would know what the behavior patterns of Nomus are. The assumption would be that the Nomus are attacking the targets the League of Villains set them out to attack. A Nomu attacking a hero Stain deems worthy and Stain killing the Nomu in response should be a sign that Stain and the League of Villains may be in conflict with each other rather than working together.

Also, Nomus attacking indiscriminately isn't really true either. At least from what we've seen, they seem to follow Shigaraki's orders pretty well.

Fair enough. You're right about Nomus following Shigaraki's orders. Nevertheless, I still find it coherent that potential villains would see that and still think Stain is in the League of Villain. They'd just think he's a higher-up in the organization who punished a misbehaving underling.

Mr_Solo_Dolo_3 posted...
The footage didn't capture Stain saving Deku tho. Just the aftermath of it.

That's just what we're shown because they wouldn't just waste time replaying the events of last week's episode through a different perspective. The footage absolutely DOES show him saving Deku. I could prove it to you but I'd have to spoil the manga.

In case you've read the manga, Spinner, the reptile dude who imitates Stain's costume and joins the League of Villains after seeing the video, tells one of the LoV members not to attack Midoriya when they're at the Training Camp because Stain deemed him worthy.

Ahh yea you're right. Thanks for reminding me.

User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
9 months ago#22
red255 posted...
guessing they don't have enough material for a proper season,

There's plenty of material left for like 2-3 more seasons easily
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User Info: FinalXemnas

9 months ago#23
There's was a green guy who kinda looks like Stain.
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User Info: 0megaDragonSwor

9 months ago#24
If you're not showing a scene of a villain getting punched, it's filler, obviously
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User Info: Kalirion

9 months ago#25
Meh, only liked 3 bits of the episode - The Hand Crusher, Shigaraki all upset at being upstaged by Stain, and the very end.
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User Info: ChickenSpice

9 months ago#26
Who is the twintail girl that looks sadistic? I must know more of her.
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User Info: FinalXemnas

9 months ago#27
From my extremely limited manga knowledge (I looked at 4 fights and know a few villain names, but know nothing of the current plot), her name is Toga, and she is very popular.
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User Info: tallgeeseIV

9 months ago#28

User Info: omarssikins

9 months ago#29
I liked the part where hand crusher
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User Info: s0nicfan

9 months ago#30
ChickenSpice posted...
Who is the twintail girl that looks sadistic? I must know more of her.

That's best girl Toga. You will know more of her.
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