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Is loli really pronounced "law-lee"?

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  3. Is loli really pronounced "law-lee"?

User Info: SumSmartDoood

7 months ago#1
I've always internally pronounced it as low-lee, but in the few times I've heard people say it out loud, I've only ever heard law-lee.

I know my pronunciation is more in line with the Japanese pronunciation, but since it's a loanword, maybe the rules are different when you're saying it in English.

User Info: 39_Miku

7 months ago#2
lonely without "ne" (and short o)
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User Info: cool_boy_mew

7 months ago#3
More like lol-e?

low-lee would be close yes
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anyoneandeveryone 7 months ago#4
Who pronounces it law-lee? Southern pedos?
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User Info: ecylis

7 months ago#5
if you're a moron

User Info: Heartomaton

7 months ago#6
I've always pronounced it like "degenerate perversion", but to each their own I suppose.

User Info: SumSmartDoood

7 months ago#7
anyoneandeveryone posted...
Who pronounces it law-lee? Southern pedos?

The one time I heard someone say it IRL was this creepy guy who wore a trench coat every day and never talked to anyone. I overheard him speaking to the only girl in our computer programming class, and he said "oh yeah? well I have over 2 gigs of law-lees on my computer at home!"

Other than that, just a few people on Youtube I guess.

User Info: pokedude900

7 months ago#8
It's suppose to be low-lee, but a lot of people (myself included) tend to pronounce it lah-lee. It kinda reads like lollipop.
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User Info: redweegee

7 months ago#9
For the longest time, I've pronounced loli like lollipop but seeing as how loli came from lolita, it might as well be pronounced like low-lee.

User Info: WingedKuriboh

7 months ago#10
Law-lee without heavy emphasis on the "law" sounds the most right. Low-lee is just plain wrong.

There's not even supposed to be an L sound tbh
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  3. Is loli really pronounced "law-lee"?

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