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User Info: Dabrikishaw15

2 years ago#291
I think Reira's still a guy actually.
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User Info: Dabrikishaw15

2 years ago#292
Oh, and Smile Universe is better than I thought it would be.
3DS FC: 4382 - 2449 - 5707 IGN: Anthony

User Info: mu695

2 years ago#293
This is the first time I've ever felt the urge to rewatch a YGO episode, is that a bad sign? Most people here are saying that this episode was ridiculous, but I don't know how I felt about it.

Maybe all the spoilers I got here lessened the impact. Then again, the very fact that I need to rewatch it proves that it had no impact, and is therefore a bad climax.

EDIT: Ok, I rewatched it. Regardless of how it ties in with character development or the plot, my biggest complaint is that the duel was just boring. Zarc did nothing while Ray monologued him for game. It's got about as much impact as I imagine a duel consistent of only the final boss bricking, passing turn, and then getting OTK'd would have. All I can really say in favour of it is that I only found it to be boring, which is probably a better result that the anger that some people here have got from it.
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User Info: xtreemmasheen3k2

2 years ago#294
Rewatched the episode with subs. Gotta check my math.

Zarc had 2800 LP left. En Flowers inflicts 600 damage per monster destroyed. En Flowers destroyed 5 monsters. 600 x 5 = 3000.

Yet he went from 2800 to 1000. How does that math work?

Edit: Alright, the subs I was watching didn't mention this. En Flowers should be "destroyed and sent to the graveyard". If you have En Birds, Winds, and Moon on the field, you can negate all Monster Effects on the field, and then as a secondary effect, all monsters who have their effects negated are destroyed. Birds, Winds, and Moon make Synchro, XYZ, and Fusion treated as Normal Monsters, nothing for Odd-Eyes and Zarc's Pendulum portion, so they're still Pendulum monsters. But they're Effect Monsters whose effects are negated and they're still destroyed by En Flowers, but sent to the Extra Deck. Hence, the other 3 were destroyed and sent to the Graveyard. 600 x 3 = 1800.

Smile Universe, on the other hand, does make them be treated as Normal Monsters in addition to having their effects negated. Thus, they're sent to the Graveyard when they're destroyed a 2nd time by En Flowers, thus 600 x 2 = 1200.
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User Info: MDS2005

2 years ago#295
Wait so according to the YGO Wikia...

Anime Card Zarc
Must be Special Summoned with "Astrograph Sorcerer", and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways.

Smile Universe
Special Summon as many Pendulum Monsters from your Extra Deck as possible, but they are treated as Normal Monsters, also they have their effects negated (if any)

So is Zarc being Special Summoned by Smile Universe because anime plot or because Smile Universe secretly Special Summons, ignoring the Summoning conditions, even though the wikia doesn't say it does?
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User Info: pkmnpkmn

2 years ago#296
The En cards turned Zarc into a vanilla pendulum. Then smile universe removed the pendulum.
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User Info: MDS2005

2 years ago#297
pkmnpkmn posted...
The En cards turned Zarc into a vanilla pendulum. Then smile universe removed the pendulum.


So basically it turning into a Normal Monster made it... not allowed to have "Must be Special Summoned with..." restrictions anymore.

It took me longer to realize that than I would have liked... I was stuck thinking "But negated effects don't do anything to Summoning conditions! D:"
When I see human babies, I want to ragequit life.

User Info: Dracoknight2006

2 years ago#298
Arc-V duel writing is somehow worse than ZeXal. Too many blatant "f*** game mechanics or even understanding them" cards.

User Info: Necronmon

2 years ago#299
Eh, I say its better then the Supreme King being brought back by the random dude he only knew a little aside from his friends but, whatever, I'm more curious if anyone saw the new movie.

If nothing else, it will prove no one can top Seto Kaiba lol.

Seriously though, sounds like this series would have been better if Kaiba just strutted in and owned Zarc as a add for the movie, only a few would have cared lol.

User Info: Arthogawa

2 years ago#300
So I guess we're only getting spoilers two weeks or so in advance of each episode until the end of this series/beginning of next.

Yuya's lost his memories in the wake of Zarc's defeat it seems, perhaps everyone else as well?
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