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Team Rocket Elite 6 years ago#1
"That day, OT remembered... the terror of being ruled by them. The humiliation of being kept under a ceiling."

Actually, it's nothing that ominous nor anything new really. This topic is mostly a list of things that were considered off topic a long time ago but are currently allowed and things that are allowed that may not be obvious. Instead of being buried where no one can find this information, it's now all in one place!

On this board, topicality is defined by ten pledges:

1. In addition to the usual anime and manga topics, topics regarding the following sources are allowed:
-Light Novels
-Visual Novels

2. Anything I say from here on that refers to anime or manga also refers to those four sources.

3. Despite what the board description says, anime and manga from the following are also allowed:
-Pokemon (video game discussion still isn't allowed)
-Dragon Ball Z

4. Despite the existence of other split boards, anime and manga under the following topics are allowed as well:
-Gundam and mecha
-Anime shown on TV in the US

5. The following topics are also allowed even if you are not discussing an anime or manga:

6. The board is also open to the following topics:
-Anime conventions and merchandise
-Anime cosplay and fanart

7. Unfortunately, I must also remind the board that the following topics that are NOT allowed:
-Users on the board
-Non-anime or manga related video games (other than Touhou and Visual Novels)
-Western made animated works
-Western made comics and graphic novels

8. Topics about anime or manga that are based on western properties are allowed, though.

9. In the name of the Admins, the previous rules may never be changed (except when they inevitably are).

10. Let's all have fun and play together!
No amount of rallying would let me beat raytan7585.
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  2. Anime and Manga - Other Titles
  3. Attack on Topicality - Rules about allowed topics (Read before posting)
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