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  3. I don't get people who hate fanservice

User Info: GunKnightX

7 years ago#31
TC is an obvious troll
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User Info: Fatestaykitchen

7 years ago#32
Knives Dark Martyr posted...
TC is an obvious troll

Why do you say that? I'm honestly surprised.

This is about the most benign topic I can think of.

People who say things like that have already decided that they aren't going to give I can't truly expect an answer...

But I'd like to know why it comes off as trolling to you. What did I do that was so wrong?

User Info: aak57

7 years ago#33
the guy who people assumed was fsa is now making bait topics

i like this development
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User Info: DingoEnderZOE2

7 years ago#34
TC if you're truly sincere with these opinions and you're not trying to troll, then you have my respect for being passionate about your opinion with fanservice and for being a "hot girl" enthusiast.

I also enjoy a nice set of t&a whether it's irl or any other media, as long as I find them appealing I don't think I'll ever tire of seeing them.......Until I'm possibly married. However While I'm also one of those that enjoy fanservices, I'm also one of those people who also feel there's a time and a place for it and if it seems unnecessarily than it can be redundant.

There is also a possibility that to most people who shun fanservice hard that it's an age thing, once you reach a certain age(there's no set age it varies from person to person) you tend to become jaded and go with the whole "once you've seen one pair of t&a you've seen it all....what's the point?"
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User Info: RiloMuse

7 years ago#35
Indifferent towards it, it's not something I would watch a series for these days, but it wouldn't stop me from watching something that sounds interesting.

I'm still enjoying Kill la Kill even though the outfit looks really stupid IMO. No reason to get all upset over it.
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User Info: tr3yarch

7 years ago#37
There's nothing with fanservice. The problem really lies within the way our minds have been programmed to work.
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  3. I don't get people who hate fanservice
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