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User Info: afro4life

7 years ago#1
So the other day I was reading
Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! or It's Not My Fault That I'm Not Popular!,

A manga about a girl who is lonely,shy anxious and fails at social life, and on top of that she is also addicted to videogames (anime culture in general).

Anyhow I found out this manga became so wel known all thanks to 4chan they seem to have made it populair and promoted it, some even say they pushed into getting an Anime adaption.

In an article they said that many 4chan members could easily relate to the situations the main character is in.

Is it really that bad when it comes to Anime fans and social life?or is this just 4chan?

User Info: MariaTaylor

7 years ago#2
I have a normal social life but if the internet has taught me anything it's that this seems to be outside of the norm for anime fans
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User Info: Super_Archer

7 years ago#3
I was her in middle school, lol

User Info: lambchips

7 years ago#4
only hardcore anime fans are like that(mainly the neets that think they are too good for normal people)
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User Info: SkyUmbreon

7 years ago#5
Yeah, I also have a pretty normal social life.

But apparently that's supposed to be rare among anime fans.

Or at least, non-casual fans.

Which I think is BS >_>
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User Info: sebastianscott

7 years ago#6
I don't think I could ever relate to being so hideous looking, and the parts of the manga I did read just made me feel horribly ashamed and bad.

Not to say I'm not a social failure, but it seems to be taken towards an immense extreme in it.
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User Info: afro4life

7 years ago#7
Then these unsocial anime fans are a minority ?

User Info: MariaTaylor

7 years ago#8
From: afro4life | #007
Then these unsocial anime fans are a minority ?

I'd say there's three types of western anime fans

1. casuals
2. well-balanced anime fans
3. unbalanced anime fans

casuals are the type you're most likely to meet in real life and generally appear to be 'normals' with an interest in nostalgia shows or the easily accessible (adult swim, maybe netflix). unbalanced anime fans are the type you're most likely to meet on the internet, because they congregate in groups where they continually reinforce each others bad social habits and end up forming communities based around their taboo lifestyles. it's hard to say which of these is actually more common overall since you generally won't spot them using the same type of observation.

well-balanced anime fans are definitely the rarest type, and also the kind you're least likely to meet in either scenario. they have normal active social lives but aren't typically inclined to discuss anime, since they have little in common with casuals. if they frequent an online community they probably don't post much due to a mix of their active social life and not having much in common with the unbalanced fans.

there's also a subtype of casuals who are basically social outcasts. they're obsessed with anime and japanese culture despite not really knowing much about either aside from secondhand knowledge. they express the rare phenomena of having completely horrible social skills but for some reason believe they are very charismatic. . . which leads to them dominating conversations in real life with overwhelming annoyance. they generally give anime fans a bad reputation and also encourage well-balanced anime fans to hide their power levels, because having one of these guys think he is your friend is one of the worst things that can happen in your life.
I can see a better time, when all our dreams come true

User Info: Mellow_RG

7 years ago#9
I barely had any friends during highschool and rarely joined any HS social activities. I can honestly say I had it worse than Moko, because in her case, at least the entire class didn't actively conspire to ruin her day.

but so what? it's high school

you meet all the cool people and start making real networking in college and above.

What Moko is doesn't seem strange to me, she'll grow out of it.

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User Info: Daggeraxe

7 years ago#10
I'm a pretty unsociable guy and I can relate to Moko with a lot of things, though not quite as extreme as hers. For some reason I started to become more social during my last high school year.
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