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  3. Is this Saint Seiya filler chart correct?

User Info: Mac Arrowny

Mac Arrowny
8 years ago#1
Or is there anything wrong with it?

Episodes 16-22 (From Docrates to Furnax)
Episode 26 (Steel Saints) - This one might mix filler with canon storyline, don't remember well. Anyway, anything regarding the steel saints is filler.
Episodes 33-34, the ones with Tiger Ohko. I like this one though.
Episode 54, the one where Phoenix Ikki fights Shaka's students (he didn't really have any students)
Episode 63. The last part, with Aioro's testament, is canon, though.
Episodes 74-99, the Asgard arc.

And are all of them pretty skippable, or are there some that should be watched?
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User Info: Dragon Shiryu

Dragon Shiryu
8 years ago#2
That is correct. Actually, that has to have been taken from an old Saint Seiya topic. I wrote that.

That's the basic list of filler alright, although the anime does have a lot of differences with the manga.
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User Info: camixlo

8 years ago#3
Watch Asgard. It's one the greatest filler arcs i know of.
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User Info: Dirak

8 years ago#4
Whatever you do, don't skip the Asgard's arc.
It may be not canon, but has some of the best characters and battles from the series, the Poseidon arc is a lot more skippable.
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User Info: LordEmbok

8 years ago#5
lmao skipping filler

User Info: Mac Arrowny

Mac Arrowny
8 years ago#6
Guess I should also ask, any of the movies worth watching/any order I should go in with those?
All the stars in the sky are waiting for you.

User Info: Mass_Carrier

8 years ago#7

From: LordEmbok | #005
lmao skipping filler

Were you LMAO-ing during the Great Naruto Filler Depression?

User Info: LordEmbok

8 years ago#8
that was pretty hilarious yeah

User Info: BlueJoneleth

8 years ago#9
movie 1 : bad
movie 2 : decent
movie 3 : good
movie 4 : bad
movie 5 : great
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User Info: Vicious108

8 years ago#10
Asgard is probably the best filler arc I've seen in a long running fightan' shounen. Watch it indeed. It ties in quite well with the canon material too.

In fact, most SS filler is intrinsically connected with canon material. The Steel Saints are filler, but they intervene in canon situations. And as stated in that chart, most filler episodes still have some canon parts/elements to them. I think episodes 16-22 might be the only downright skippable bunch that isn't really worth watching.

As far the movies go, the Heaven Chapter one is all right. It's a filler sequel to the actual last canon arc in the series, I believe, but it fits in well enough the spirit of the show.
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