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User Info: CrimsonGear80

3 months ago#131
Hyena 20 posted...

As I said, in her case it was just ignorance. Oh, I also forgot that Japanese rednecks are stereotyped as lacking manners or tact.

Dude I think you are ignoring WHY she actually asked the question in favor of insulting “”rednecks”...
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User Info: Cucumber21

3 months ago#132
Zack_Attackv1 posted...
That would make sense if Sasha was in the image.

User Info: goronsaki92

3 months ago#133
Oh god another titan fetishist

User Info: AuraChannelerCh

3 months ago#134
goronsaki92 posted...
Oh god another titan fetishist
At least she's just Zekesexual.
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User Info: Red XlV

Red XlV
3 months ago#135
TheLoneCub posted...
could've shot some no name instead of Sasha. So **** Gabi!!
Gabi would been seen as a f***ing hero if she'd killed that douchebag who was leading the celebrations, and who'd been specifically targeting Marleyan civilians despite orders not to back when he was on the rooftops for the attack.
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User Info: LordFreezer

3 months ago#136
You forgot, "Gabi deserves a medal for ridding us of an IQ robbing character like Jar Jar Sasha".

User Info: Booglee

3 months ago#137
Hyena 20 posted...
For those wondering why Sasha asked the black guy why his skin is dark:
Sasha was a redneck. Rednecks the world over are stereotyped as being ignorant, racist, and xenophobic *in Sasha's case it's mere ignorance*. Also note that "potato" is used as a prefix in Japanese to refer to rednecks and redneck stuff.

Sasha wanted teh BBC
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