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User Info: Stray_Zero

10 months ago#1
Previously on Stardust Crusaders...

The group heads out to the Red Sea to meet "Avdol's Father". Polnareff, however, ends up seeing a rubber lamp and rubs it to reveal a "genie" (actually, an enemy stand) by the name of Cameo, who grants him 3 wishes. (Like a genie from folk tales usually do.)

However...he uses the 2 to revive both his sister, and Avdol, back from the dead, though his sister is a zombie-like creature, though as if he has no choice, he tried using the final wish to send her away, it doesn't work and Cameo's words mention that he used the last wish to bring back Avdol.
Episode 22: Judgement (Part 2)

Opening Theme: Stand Proud by Jin Hashimoto (Eps. 1-24) / JoJo, That Blood's Memories ~End of the World~ by Jo-Stars (Eps. 25-48)
Ending Theme: Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangles (Eps. 1-24) / Last Train Home by Pat Metheny Group (Eps. 25-48)
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User Info: AuraChannelerCh

10 months ago#2
Last time...

Polnareff is savvy enough about genies and their wishes.

Then he forgets all about it after once seemingly nice wish.

Should have made a bigger park than Disney instead, you dum dum.

...Oh, hey. Disney's Genie isn't exactly one of their kind.
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User Info: Zack_Attackv1

10 months ago#3
Kono DIO Da!!!

User Info: Pokejedservo

10 months ago#4
*Avdol bangs the gong* It has begun!
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User Info: legendofskyland

10 months ago#5
Last time on Polnareff's bizarre Adventure

User Info: qwertyMrJINX

10 months ago#6
Zombie Jiraiya's a dick.
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User Info: _Xymemaru_V

10 months ago#7
You thought it was a genie but it was I MONKEY PAW!

User Info: De-

10 months ago#8
What's with the eye gorn on each of the corpses?
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User Info: lizard81288

10 months ago#9
Dance music intensifies
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User Info: Mistere Man

Mistere Man
10 months ago#10
Are stands the power in the next season?
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