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DumbQuestion 3 months ago#1
DumbQuestion 3 months ago#2
some more scans. Gas defeating granola
DumbQuestion 3 months ago#3
Gas attacks Goku and Vegeta

Jadeite_McSwag 3 months ago#4
Engorgio 3 months ago#5
Gocow Cena to the rescue. Vegeta forfeited the fight and it still didn't save him from jobbing lol.
Ghostrain23 3 months ago#6
diesel gas looking like the predator
DumbQuestion 3 months ago#7
Bardock shown
Hoodroar 3 months ago#8
Lol base Goku.
sigless user logic
superman 2000 3 months ago#9
Before the usual "you guys are just being negative" crowd shows up, understand that most of us just don't care enough about Gas and Granolah to watch them duke it out indefinitely while Goku and Vegeta sit on the sidelines. It's been nonstop fighting for months, and now it's between two OCs -- one of whom was barely even developed as a villain. There's no catharsis in this battle. If this were a weekly series, this would be more tolerable because it would move faster, but for a once-a-month thing, it sucks.
I don't hold grudges. Let's vehemently argue today and casually have a beer together tomorrow.
MUIGogito 3 months ago#10
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  3. *NEW* Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 80 EARLY SCANS & Spoilers!
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