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DarthAya44 1 month ago#1
Who wins with equal PL? - Results (65 votes)
36.92% (24 votes)
63.08% (41 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Tien wishes to have equal starting max powerlevel to Vegeta. But raw powerlevel only. Tien has his current techniques, Vegeta has his.

I think the tri beam wins because UE Vegeta tries to tank it to get stronger, but then after it hits him, his vision blurs and he holds his head and says he's taken far too much damage. He tries to fight on but the Solarflare makes his obvious concussion even worse and he forfeits, and asks to die, as Vegeta usually does.

Tien does the honors.
superman 2000 1 month ago#2
Tien is practically a joke character now, but to be fair, his arsenal of techniques is more impressive than Vegeta’s…
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SSJPurple 1 month ago#3
Tien has a versatile move set and even gave Goku a run for his money back when they were in similar strength

Im leaning towards Tien here.
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lenmutt 1 month ago#4
superman 2000 posted...
Tien is practically a joke character now, but to be fair, his arsenal of techniques is more impressive than Vegeta’s…
hey man Vegeta has full power energy wave in 2 colours purple and yellow!
UraRenge2005 1 month ago#5
I'd really like to hear a good argument for Vegeta winning at equal power level.

Vegeta is literally the vanilla Dragon Ball fighter. He brawls, he shoots big balls of energy... now what? Tenshinhan does all the crap Vegeta can do, just at lower power levels. Take that away from Vegeta, Tenshinhan has way more unique skills and techniques. I also think Tenshinhan is smarter fighter when he has a genuine even battle.

The only argument I'd even consider is Vegeta's one time use of teleportation. But since Vegeta has chosen never to use it, or has purposely forgotten, doesn't care to remember it's specfics, it's kind of pointless as an argument.
OmniAlgusX 1 month ago#6
Tien one shots Vegeta with Neo Tribeam then flies to Capsule Corp and f***s Bulma. He marries Mrs. Blue Hair, has 10 kids, and becomes the richest bald man in the world.
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ReoSama 1 month ago#7
I think Tenshinhan wins with equal power.
l0gic 1 month ago#8
There is nothing special about Vegeta. Galik Gun? A big blast. Big Bang Attack? A big ball (that Moro mocked lol). Final Flash? Another big blast. And hell, he had to convince Cell to stand still just to land it; I think it goes without saying that giving the enemy complete control of your attack's success rate is far from ideal. The series goes on and on about how brilliant Vegeta supposedly is, but the only time he's shown as consistently shrewd is during Namek. Tien is way more creative and versatile. At equal power levels, the only characters I can see Vegeta potentially beating are Gohan and Yamcha.
AntiNoob 1 month ago#9
tien wins. He's a better fighter
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supermichael11 1 month ago#10
Technique wise Tien is way better than Vegeta, in this battle Taiyoken would be a problem for Vegeta and using his splitting technique after Taiyoken can confuse Vegeta.

Although Vegeta can erase Tien with Hakai. He can tank thanks to UE.

Edit Tien knows the Mafuba which can seal Vegeta away.
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