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ssgvegeto 1 month ago#11

Meanwhile with GT, there are just a small handful of objectively above standard quality fights worth catching but rarely ever exceeding in multiple qualities. Such as, "it's fitting Goku and Vegeta are fighting together against Omega" or "it's funny Gogeta is clowning around with Omega" but the simple fact is, the level of hype almost never compares.
Scotty_Rogers 1 month ago#12
Flashy fight scenes don't matter much when the writing is utter s***

Vegetto vs. Zamasu was alright, but why is Vegetto having trouble with someone Goku wounded lmao trash writing.

You're just reminding us how s*** DBS is. I don't even know why that video bothered mentioning those other fights. Trunks vs. Zamasu? Get that Genkidama Sword BS out of here. Goku vs. Jiren Round 1? Forgettable outside of Omen's debut. Goku vs. Kefla? Forgettable outside the Sliding Kamehameha. Vegeta vs. Toppo? Yawn. Goku vs. Jiren's later fights? Only MUI Goku vs. Jiren was notable, and that was full of reused animation.

Goku vs. Rilld and SS4 Goku vs. Super Baby 2 is better than any DBS fight.
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(message deleted)
Scotty_Rogers 1 month ago#14
These were the only impressive DBS fight scenes that I recall; thoroughly good animations and choreography in these clips:
https://youtu.be/AwNTFCDWgHA (being generous here; as nice as this looks, why would I bother with it when I can just watch the superior BoG version? In the movie, SSG/1 Goku vs. Beerus is thoroughly good, but in DBS, it's only impressive for this one scene)
That's really not much more than GT. Other DBS fights range from alright, to mediocre, to just plain s***.
Da GOAT FAM 2022!
ssgvegeto 1 month ago#15
Scotty_Rogers posted...
Flashy fight scenes don't matter much when the writing is utter s***

Vegetto vs. Zamasu was alright, but why is Vegetto having trouble with someone Goku wounded lmao trash writing.
The majority of GT Goku's fights is him sandbagging for the sake of "an interesting or suspenseful fight" only for him to Superman his way to victory at the end of the fight. Take GT Goku vs the 3 Sigma Force members whom weren't even worth being recognized as GT Buu+ tier like Rilldo was. Struggling and putting so much more effort than he logically should've needed at the beginning...

The GT writers just forgetting Majuub being SSJ3 Goku+ tier off of his fight against Baby Vegeta and making him job against Initial Super #17 while supermanning a mere SSJ GT Goku up to tango with a stronger Super #17 in a short time skip with no implied or stated substantial power gain. At least in DBS, if there ever is such a huge leap in power, they explicitly state and explain it rather than just leave inconsistent power-scaling moments to be explained by fill in the blank headcanons.

We don't take stuff like Base Trunks knocking down Golden Oozaru Baby Vegeta or Krillin nearly matching SSB Goku's Kamehameha by saying Trunks and Krillin did a super powerful pushup that made them super duper strong for 0.1 seconds. If there is an actual power boost story point involved, it should be definitively placed rather than made up.

Get that Genkidama Sword BS out of here
Again with GT's equivalent, Baby Vegeta's evil Spirit Bomb.

Goku vs. Jiren Round 1? Forgettable outside of Omen's debut
Even before Omen, the fight was fairly enjoyable. Much more enjoyable and hype than the majority of GT's types of fights especially.



It's one thing for some form of bad writing to be there, but if that specific element is offering no entertaining redemption whatsoever then there's a problem. Base Trunks knocking down Golden Oozaru Baby Vegeta for the sake of "surprise, Trunks is in the game" for example is more barable, but without question they could've executed it differently by say, having it be SSJ Trunks using a special sort of technique rather than nameless generic blast that Baby Trunks whines about while mistakenly accusing SSJ4 Goku of shooting that attack before gasping at the sight of weakling Base Trunks.

Use the ToP Spirit Bomb scene. Horrendous writing with the power logic? Without question. Still executed decently enough to get the typical fan hyped and able to live with it if they gloss over how strong the spirit bomb should've actually, logically been and this is entertainment over logic.

Only MUI Goku vs. Jiren was notable, and that was full of reused animation.
Because DBZ and DBGT never reuse animation...


If a majority of the reused animation in that fight was done decently enough with enough alterations that it still moves with the flow of the fight and the animation is fairly good, it's a small cost that doesn't outweigh the overall enjoyment.

Goku vs. Rilld and SS4 Goku vs. Super Baby 2 is better than any DBS fight.

I'll just agree to disagree since I know pretty much anything you deem good in terms of writing is as far as I'm concerned poor and a joke given your horrendous fan-fictions and accursed milk chocolate thread.
ssgvegeto 1 month ago#16
DBS Episode 109/110 was without question a high quality episode set that as far as I'm concerned dwarfs anything GT has produced and rightfully earned its reputation for being able to "break the internet"


You thinking that entire set of episodes is somehow trash and deeming stuff like mere Episode 13 to somehow make the list but not that sounds like a you thing.

Search up DBS breaks the internet. You'll find multiple results on whether it be this set of episodes or some of the episodes following Episode 120 or the finale of DBS.

Search up DBGT breaks the internet... Nothing, absolutely nothing. The best GT is known for is the gothic werewolf SSJ4 look and that's it.

Look for DBS crowd reactions to various episodes like these and you will see them enjoying, cheering, and shouting in hype over and over again. With DBGT, the flow is mostly meh (or cringe in the earlier part of GT) with few exceptions instead being more emotional because they cling to the theme "so much has changed, everyone is so old now, we're losing Goku and the good old days in DBZ" for the sake of nostalgic sadness.
ssgvegeto 1 month ago#17
Scotty_Rogers posted...
That's really not much more than GT.
Show me a GT equivalent scene that compares to the Goku + Frieza combo against Jiren you just posted... and don't you dare say Goku vs Rilldo or Super Baby Vegeta 2 because those look plain stale and boring next to it.
In0v_G 1 month ago#18
GT had much better villains.

I'll take Rildo, Baby, Super 17 and the Shadow Dragons over a rehashed Frieza and generic Jiren. Beerus' power level keeps changing and getting retconned in every arc. Moro is pretty cool though and has an awesome character design. Granolah is flat out lame as hell and looks like a Final Fantasy character.

Plus, Super Saiyan 4 is way more unique and better designed than color swapped Blue hair. Don't get me started on Zeno, the more annoying character I've ever seen on any show in general.
ssgvegeto 1 month ago#19
A tier: Vegeta, Frieza
B tier: Cell, Moro
C tier: Androids, Buu, Super #17, Granola
D tier: Broly, Hit, Jiren, Shadow Dragons

Those are the rankings I'd give them. D tier is just boring, bland, with rather cringe or limited/boring personality, the Shadow Dragons felt like something written by a group of Japanese kindergarteners for a children's charity with no real personality behind them whatsoever, Nova being the biggest outlier among the bunch of bland dragons. C tier has a little bit more color or appeal in their personalities. B tier is a substantial step-up. A tier was well done for their respective villain arcs.

SSJ4's hairstyle change was fine but they went a bit far making it look like an edgy emo half-werewolf rockstar musician (the red eyeliner especially) but comparing it to DBS's worst transformations like SSB, you're right on that.

Zeno's 4 year old stupidity is easily matched by Pan's incompetence and role as damsel in distress in GT in terms of annoyance. Waste of a character to make her Jar Jar Binks her way into trouble in the most avoidable ways possible and the GT writers' justification for this is they wanted GT Goku to be the Superman to Pan's Lois Lane role... this is more problematic because Pan was basically the secondary main character of GT overall. Vegeta was almost never relevant until the last part of the final arc, Trunks was only relevant for less than 2 arcs, Pan played the role of the incompetent whiny sidekick in space and against the Shadow Dragons with very little to no redeeming character appeal or development... there are other ways of making Goku look heroic than making the second star of the show the worst character possible.
supermichael11 1 month ago#20
Goku is the main character but in DBS they crank his stupidity and annoyances level to 11, something that GT never done.

GT Goten and Trunks are respected by everyone in the cast, while in DBS they are not allowed to get involved in training, fighting and helping. They are given 0 chance to redeem themselves or show that they have matured.

GT has Goten and Trunks fight powerful enemies and even defeat powerful enemies, you won't see that in DBS their thing is being told no, go away, get lost, keeping secrets, etc.

SSJ4 is superior compared to SSB which is only SSJ colored blue and nothing else.

Master Roshi in DBS we get shown him attempting to rape two times before the ToP and one time in the ToP.

DBS characters are a banch of hypocrites.
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