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  3. Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super are equally bad.
Scotty_Rogers 1 month ago#1
Done taking sides.
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SSJPurple 1 month ago#2
Yep. Both have good ideas but terrible execution for the most part.

Though I do think the DBS manga is ok, at least better than the anime.
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deepsquid 1 month ago#3
DBS manga has good execution. It's Toriyama's DBS script what I would say is bad.

GT just needed some tweaks and it could been one of the best. They needed cooler and stronger enemies, to keep the viewers excited.

That's what DBS for most part did well. Other than that DBS is just bad imo....
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superman 2000 1 month ago#5
Lmao. I have a certain respect for GT as I think it offered more artistically admirable concepts, but yeah, both are awful.
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lilhurk1985187 1 month ago#6
Shut up scotty. Your topics are worse than anything either anime has done.
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lenmutt 1 month ago#7
SSJPurple posted...
good ideas
OmniAlgusX 1 month ago#8
This should be a poll. Make everything a poll.
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Scotty_Rogers 1 month ago#9

alright let's see what happens after dbz uh why is pilaf's gang back why is goku a little kid again why is pan annoying af who is this annoying ass robot who keeps going "GIRU GIRU GIRU" why is goku in a red monkey fursuit why is super saiyan silver why is there another seventeen why are there all these boring ass dragons why does trunks look like a boy scout why do gohan goten and vegeta all have the same haircut why does vegeta have a pornstar mustache why the f*** is bra dressed like a hooker when she's only 9 bruh f*** this s*** just end this franchise


alright lets see what happens in between boo and oob uh why is pilaf's gang back why are THEY little kids why is gohan skinny af why don't goten and trunks age who the f*** is this annoying ass "god" who keeps saying "SUGOI SUGOIII" why is super saiyan blue why is super saiyan pink why is freeza golden why is broly female who is this fat b**** who won't shut the f*** up about love who is goku fighting some random gray alien why do they keep retconning the end of DBZ why the f*** is future trunks about to make out with a little girl bruh f*** this s*** just end this franchise
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ssgvegeto 1 month ago#10
The worst of GT and DBS are give or take equally bad. DBS at least has redeeming or worth the hype episodes and fights here and there with occasional killer animation worth catching and gained enough hype and attention to "break the internet" multiple times in the ToP stage while GT was hanging on a threat with what dying funds and support it had.

Point to DBS episodes like Ep 109/110 or the finale of DBS and compare it with any episode of GT. You can tell those DBS episodes easily outclass pretty much any episode of GT.
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  3. Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super are equally bad.
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