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  3. Remember when Broly fanboys were saying he surpassed Beerus?

User Info: AnonDB

1 month ago#31
Dagoth posted...
Broly is a cooler character then Beerus, no idea why you do not want him to be Stronger.
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User Info: ViewtifulGrave

1 month ago#32
chente405 posted...
Dude, goku stated that, is not broly's fan fault lool, broly was writted to be more powerfull than beerus
Might/probably isn’t definitive proof. Goku was talking out of his ass. He couldn’t even sense god ki at that point.

Let’s not forget that Beerus wasn’t even phased by Broly’s power.
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User Info: SSJPurple

1 month ago#33
Graycap posted...
That's squarely Toriyama's fault. Nobody would've said Broly >= Beerus if Goku didn't say Broly might be stronger than Beerus. It's not a fanboy thing.

Long Term Effects of Suffering

User Info: Walt87

1 month ago#34
As others have said, have to blame Toriyama or whoever wrote the line. They know how seriously dragon ball fans take their statements regarding power comparisons, and they weren't thinking very far ahead obviously.

They really shouldn't compare mortals to hakaishin's unless they are using godly powers like hakai or Ultra instinct

User Info: MrPerfectNappa

1 month ago#35
WizardHazard posted...
Funny days.

Beerus is KING.

Out of every mortals only Jiren can challenge Beerus to a fight and have a chance of winning.
broly ssj>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>lb jiren
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User Info: Jadeite_McSwag

1 month ago#36
Remember when Goku was saying he surpassed Beerus

User Info: WizardHazard

1 month ago#37
MrPerfectNappa posted...
broly ssj>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>lb jiren
Only in your dreams
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User Info: Qaonbadderonac8

1 month ago#38
Interesting match and power level of Broly and Berrus.

Goku and Vegeta base form power level 100 Trillion.

Would Gine battle Broly Mother or Vegeta Mother?

Can't wait to see in the video games series.
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  3. Remember when Broly fanboys were saying he surpassed Beerus?
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