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User Info: Seymour_Natus

2 months ago#11
Pointless_Topic posted...
We know it wont get one shotted by Granola. Yet Ultra Instink is so terrible for mortals that Goku couldn't even have a decent showing against granola

Goku was actually beating Granolah clone, he then dropped his guard and the real Granolah appeared to hit a vital point.

User Info: AeternaNocturne

2 months ago#12
deepsquid posted...
I only agree if UI Goku lose to Hakai Vegeta in a direct fight.

outperforming someone is the same as beating them, in DB powerscaling
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User Info: deepsquid

2 months ago#13
Pointless_Topic posted...
at this point, he'd get his head punched off by vegeta.
Big no... This is baseless and impossible.

We have 0 information how strong this Hakai transformation is. We don't even know what this form's speciality is. We only know the physical appearance, we don't even know the color of the aura and hair.

Hakai Vegeta has to proof itself, and then it has to proof itself against fresh FP UI Goku.

It most likely will be a good sparring partner for UI Goku. But "head punched off"? ...... eh no.

Pointless_Topic posted...
this is a hot take but if goku and vegeta trained with beerus to deal with Moro, they arguably could have solo'd prime moro.
Very true.

I do wonder if Goku should stop with UI for a while and focus on the Hakai. He just needs to destroying rocks with the Hakai for few weeks, which should be enough for Goku to get Hakai earrings as well.

Goku with UI and the Hakai, should be the end for Vegeta's career as "Goku's rival" for once and for all.
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