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  3. Why are we pretending that Beerus's opinion matters as much as Whis'?

User Info: deepsquid

2 months ago#11
Whis is the teacher of Beerus.

The job of Whis and other Angels is to train and guide (new) Gods of Destructions. Whis has to be the one who teached Beerus the Hakai. Else he can't train a simple God of Destruction... The Hakai might be the most basic ability of a GoD.

If Whis can't even teach Beerus the Hakai, Whis might be a terrible teacher.. for teaching Beerus nothing notable AND for letting confused Vegeta surpass UI Goku.

User Info: raybull16

2 months ago#12
Lmao whis opinion doesn't f***ing matter he's literally beerus b**** and that's it

User Info: WhydidiExplode2

2 months ago#13
But in that same token, if Whis teaching ability is beyond question and he knows Hakai, why didn’t he realize that UI is not Vegeta’s strong suit and opt to teach him Hakai?

If UI is so much better in every facet, why then as teacher did he not discourage Vegeta from learning it? A teacher should want the best for his students. He’d be a pretty lousy teacher if he didn’t make a point that Hakai isn’t as capable as UI.

Instead, he not only allows Beerus to “teach” Begeta, but also never denies Beerus claims of the possibility that Hakai training can allow someone to surpass UI training.

So either Whis:

-is a good teacher and allows his student to find other ways that suit him to get stronger

-an incompetent teacher that can’t even refute the claims of another student that Hakai can potentially surpass UI

-is a massive troll

Guess we will see….

User Info: DarthAya44

2 months ago#14
AnonDB posted...
See what @WhydidiExplode2 posted.

We all know you're just being a disingenuous troll trying to downplay Vegeta and even trying to wank one arc fodder (Jiren).

And he's wrong.

Beerus told Vegeta to prove GoD tech > Angel tech. Then asked Whis if he was throwing down the gauntlet , to which Whis answered in the affirmative. Meaning Whis believes opposite to Beerus. Whis' opnion is of much greater value than Beerus'. So Goku > Vegeta.

User Info: WhydidiExplode2

2 months ago#15
Whis believing opposite to Beerus doesn't mean Whis is right. Angels have a higher PL than the gods. That's why they are better. It's not solely based on the techniques.

Whis NEVER said Goku > Vegeta. In fact neither he nor Goku remotely think that. That's just headcanon


User Info: SSJPurple

2 months ago#16
That ^ is something to consider as well. Angels are probably just naturally stronger or have higher potential than any other beings in the universe.

Whis being stronger than Beerus doesn’t necessarily mean all UI users > all Hakai users.

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  3. Why are we pretending that Beerus's opinion matters as much as Whis'?
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