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User Info: Scotty_Rogers

4 weeks ago#1

You'd think they'd let him at least beat a minor opponent but he can't even do that. Homie is actually the only Z Fighter to have absolutely zero wins in GT
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User Info: Calls

4 weeks ago#2
Yeah even toie and toyo in super after R.O.F was like "toriyama we know that you cant writes side character but this is trash"

User Info: Calls

4 weeks ago#3
Their are reason why people only talk about ssj4 when they talk about gt

User Info: ssgvegeto

4 weeks ago#4
The only character GT hasn't done dirty is Goku, because they wanted to make Goku the Superman of DBGT and made Pan the Lois Lane of GT. Per the writers' own words, Pan never went SSJ because they wanted her role to be the one that always gets into trouble and becomes the damsel in distress for Goku to save to make Goku look better.

Consistent power-scaling and accurate story-telling is not something DBGT stooges cared for in the slightest. Only poor attempts at appeal to nostalgia and showing the most marketed characters they can to be silly gag losers to ultimately job to Goku rather instantly or after a sandbagged struggle that becomes an instant easy heroic speech stomp.

User Info: OmniAlgusX

4 weeks ago#5
GT turned Goku into a kid. You have no right to complain.
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User Info: Dark_SilverX

4 weeks ago#6
Gohan looked badass getting his ass beaten.
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User Info: deepsquid

4 weeks ago#7
DBS didn't do much better imo.

Should at least be the #2 strongest.

User Info: LinkDaLunatic

4 weeks ago#8
gohan is terrible tbh not sure how anyone is surprised when he's sporting a bad look

User Info: Frizzurd

4 weeks ago#9
OmniAlgusX posted...
GT turned Goku into a kid. You have no right to complain.

What does that matter if going SS4 makes him an adult again? It's kind of like that old Unico cartoon.
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User Info: Inglebird

4 weeks ago#10
I thought he beat Goten and Piccolo, can't remember though.
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