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  3. Would Frieza Have Interfered In The Battle Against Moro?

User Info: DumbQuestion

1 month ago#1
Lets say that Frieza came to earth and witnessed the fight between Ultra Instinct -Sign- Goku VS Moro, SSBE Vegeta VS Moro, 73 Moro, Planet Moro, etc

At any point of the fight, do you think Frieza would have interfered or try to cheap shot Goku/Vegeta or Moro?

Or do you think he would have continued to stay as a spectator and left when everything was over?

Basically, if Frieza witnessed everything(and of course, found out about Moro's abilities, how big of a threat he is etc), do you think it would have been in his character to try to interfere, or to just witness everything to the bitter end? Whether Goku/Vegeta pull off a win, or whether Moro dies?

User Info: God_of_Magic

1 month ago#2
He'd probably try to recruit Moro as a partner first. However, Moro would not have agreed and told him to piss off. Frieza would not have liked it and used it as a means to attack him to make sure he was the one to take over the universe.

Frieza would have likely taken the shot after Vegeta FSF Moro and had him weakened. Instead of Moro flying off to eat 7-3, he likely just gets a Death Beam cheap shot from Frieza to try and kill Moro for not joining him.
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User Info: MUIGogito

1 month ago#3
In one of the bonus chapters Freeza was about to investigate one of the planets which Moro was apparently on. Freeza said that there was a “troublesome prisoner” there (Moro) and avoided him then. Knowing that I don’t think Freeza would interfere in the battle.
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  3. Would Frieza Have Interfered In The Battle Against Moro?
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