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User Info: UIZeno

1 month ago#1
Who wins this? - Results (30 votes)
56.67% (17 votes)
43.33% (13 votes)
This poll is now closed.
This is Belmod as he is at the GoD battle royale.

And this ain't a spite as Moro's stronger than Sign Goku who is much stronger than ToP Sign.

So who wins?
Before any creation must come destruction - Beerus

User Info: SupremeGod91

1 month ago#2
Prime Moro >>>>>>>>> Limits Surpassed Jiren > FP Jiren > Belmod.

User Info: deepsquid

1 month ago#3
Angel Moro > > > > > > Moro73 > Belmod >? Beerus ? Prime Moro

User Info: Ghostrain23

1 month ago#4
deepsquid posted...
Angel Moro > > > > > > Moro73 > Belmod >? Beerus ? Prime Moro
Another one

User Info: MUIGogito

1 month ago#5
deepsquid posted...
Angel Moro > > > > > > Moro73 > Belmod >? Beerus ? Prime Moro

User Info: deepsquid

1 month ago#6
MUIGogito posted...

The only thing it proofs is that Beerus has many tricks under his sleeves. Wether it be Hakai, sealing or this randomly added unknown technique that can "maybe" rival UI.

But this just repetition... unless Beerus reveals his full techniques, we don't know how Beerus would help Goku.

At very very least I can put him above Moro 73, but he would still lose because Moro 73 just steals his power and beats him. Unlike Goku who has UI and won't be touched or even hurt by likes of Moro 73.

User Info: Dagoth

1 month ago#7
People are severely underestimating Belmod, sure he is weaker then Jiren but did you forget Jiren was still physically stronger then Tournament of Power Ultra Instinct Goku, It was not strength that beat him, it was team-work that knocked him out of the ring, do you forget that he was NEVER physically overpowered in the strength department but was only outmatched in speed..

In the Manga Whis stated his potential was immeasurable and Jiren was able to catch-up and eventually overwhelm Ultra Instinct Goku meanwhile in the Anime Jiren was shown to beable to quickly overpower Ultra Instinct Goku's Kamahama with his own Blast attack and what could be a truer test of strength in this series then a Beam-Struggle?

As for this fight Prime Moro is Moro after getting his youth-restored but before devouring 7-3 so Belmod would probbaly take it.

User Info: FlyingWindGod

1 month ago#8
I never got the impression Jiren "overwhelmed" UI Goku in the manga. They were evenly matched but Whis noted that Goku was struggling to maintain the form since he had just acquired it.

Suffice to say, on top of Goku getting much stronger in the Moro arc, he doesn't seem to have issues maintaining it like he did before.

He should definitely be able to beat Jiren on his own now, and by proxy, Belmod.

User Info: dragonball0900

1 month ago#9
This match seriously depends on where you have Current Goku. If Current Omen Goku is stronger than Jiren, as well as his previous MUI, then Belmod loses against Prime Moro easily. But if he's not, then there might be enough room for Belmod to win.

User Info: Acharyap28

1 month ago#10
SupremeGod91 posted...
Prime Moro >>>>>>>>> Limits Surpassed Jiren > FP Jiren > Belmod.

yet beerus was immobilized, taking damage from him
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