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User Info: VSTopicFanatic

2 months ago#1
Which Character Would Win? - Results (54 votes)
62.96% (34 votes)
Kid Buu
37.04% (20 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Fight takes place on the Supreme Kai's planet.

In a fight, which character takes this? Potential Unleashed/Ultimate Gohan, or Kid Buu?

User Info: ColZach

2 months ago#2

User Info: MUIGogito

2 months ago#3
Oh boy

User Info: Ghostrain23

2 months ago#4
My dick

User Info: Romaji

2 months ago#5
Buu, because he's stronger than the Buu that had Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo inside him.

Plus SS3 Goku is > Gohan.
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User Info: ColZach

2 months ago#6
I’m actually hoping this time kid Buu wins just so something different happens

User Info: God_of_Magic

2 months ago#7
Gohan bodies him.
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User Info: TaskmasterX

2 months ago#8
Buu f***ing DOMINATES Gohan. If Goku can’t do it, you think the B squad has a chance?

User Info: DarthAya44

2 months ago#9
They could have brought Gohan over but didn't.

Nobody besides Goku mentioned it, and Goku quickly changed his mind.

Gohan himself didn't even mention it. Between Piccolo, Gohan, King Kai and Supreme Kai, they could ave arranged for Gohan to go there but they didn't. Thats the tale of the tape.

User Info: ColZach

2 months ago#10
Come on kid Buu!!!!!
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