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User Info: Scotty_Rogers

1 month ago#41
Indeed. Angelus is just being stubborn.
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User Info: SSJ4Angelus

1 month ago#42
Your entire argument is Goku is scared BECAUSE his hands are up by his face. I showed that holding your hands up has no bearing on being scared with proof. Buutenks does it with Gohan and in the anime, Buuhan does it before he finds out he's truly outclassed by Vegito. Your logic SAYS they are scared, as Goku is scared because his hands are up too. Goku sweating means he's scared? He sweats every time he used SSJ3, so your logic says he's afraid of all Buus, even ones he says he can beat in SSJ3? Got it. So things DON'T happen offscreen? I guess Vegeta never worked for SSJ, as we see him automatically have it. I guess in Bleach, Isshin, Urahara and Yoruichi were never beaten by Aizen since things can't happen offscreen. So many characters just randomly appearing in the last arc can't happen because they were saved offscreen. Got it.

What leg? If they don't use their stronger forms, then they don't need to is what you are saying. Got it. So, your logic says they can't be oneshotted and that's why Goku and Vegeta went with their weaker forms against a stronger enemy. They can't lose is what you are saying. So, Goku didn't need SSJ, his strongest form for Namek Frieza. Gohan didn't need SSJ2, his strongest form for Cell. Goku didn't need SSJ3, his strongest form for Fat Buu and Kid Buu. Goku doesn't need SSG to face Beerus, just needs SSJ3. He won't be twoshotted again. Goku didn't need UI, his strongest form for Jiren. I guess Goku wasn't oneshotted by Jiren in SSB KKx20 before UI. That's dumb logic on your part since we've seen they need stronger forms to face stronger opponents, something PAST EVIDENCE shows. Unless they can outsmart him, using the weaker forms, precedence says they get oneshotted by Super Buu inside Buu and killed/absorbed and Buu destroys the universe or Beerus wakes up and kills him. The end. Using stronger forms they can actually withstand Buu's attacks for a period of time, something you fail to see. Doesn't matter that Vegeta pulled Fat Buu out before the fight. Super Buu is capable of oneshotting them before that happened, before Goku turns SSJ3.

You guys fail to even see that educated guesses can be made based on evidence. That's how any debate is. Superman vs. Goku is based on evidence. They've NEVER fought, so what are we doing? Making educated guesses. I never said it DID happen, but it fits. I also said they could recover enough as there is no specified time in one of the earlier posts, which brings me to this. 5 min. later? Where does it say EXACTLY that 5 min. had passed since you two are so keen on specifics? Its not contrived as the reader is aware of who Dende is, his abilities AND he's there near Buu after they escape. We see Goku try to teleport him away before Kibito does it for him. Its contrived if Dende just appears on the Kai planet with no explanation and the last time Dende is seen is at the lookout and we don't see that Popo tossing him away to save him. Its contrived if say Beerus can turn SSJ. Hell, Beerus still being stronger with no explanation is contrived, yet everyone takes it as fact. So how is Dende possibly healing anywhere near something like Beerus still being stronger with no evidence in story?

I will say out of everything, you are right on one thing. After looking at the pages zoomed in on the site, to see every panel, the ghosts do touch, but that's the only evidence you've shown proving me wrong.
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User Info: Krio Lv3

Krio Lv3
1 month ago#43
Simplexible posted...
You weren't actually able to prove that. Last time you claimed Goku didn't want to fight Super Buu proves his weaker, but you ran away from the fact that Goku also didn't want to fight Fat Buu and wanting to fuse vs him instead despite being stronger than him.

Feel free to show me what was in the manga that I ignored. It seems like you're the one ignoring that Goku wanted to fuse against Fat Buu despite being stronger than him.

There's a difference between context here.

Vs Fat Buu: "I'm not sure entirely sure I could beat him, besides, I want the kids to give it a shot."
Vs Kid Buu: "I could have beaten Fat Buu then and I should have, this is worse."

But I don't really expect you to understand that...
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User Info: Jayk009

1 month ago#44
Theone1234 posted...
All this is meaningless and irrelevant coming from you considering you switch your stance on something more often then you take a shower i assume

SpiralSwords posted...
You've made this topic several times already. Like damn dude. Pick a struggle.

User Info: LowRyder2005

1 month ago#45
Making educated guesses. I never said it DID happen, but it fits. I also said they could recover enough as there is no specified time in one of the earlier posts, which brings me to this. 5 min. later? Where does it say EXACTLY that 5 min. had passed since you two are so keen on specifics?

Let's leave aside the fact the story makes it self-evident that Boo gets to the Kai planet in the span of a few lines exchanged between Goku/ Vegeta and the Kais.

Entertaining your idea that more time passed actually makes this theory even more convoluted. So it is more than a short span of time? They manage manage to recover their energy despite flying around, shooting ki blasts at Boo, while they stay in Super Saiyan form all the time, etc.? You never see them resting or asking anyone to heal them in the few pages that pass between them freeing Boo and fighting Kid Boo. Are we also supposed to think they'll regain health by standing around for minutes à la Dragon Ball Super? Or were they also healed off screen? More importantly, how is the reader supposed to know about all this occurrences? You have basically an entire sequence of them being tired and being healed back or resting up that's almost a subplot in itself by now.

Anyway, what anyone would tell you is that your reasoning about them being substantially weakened post-Vegito is:

A) Not completely disprovable (of course, you can nag about technicalities until the end of time -> "But maybe something else happened that we don't know about", I mean, not like I wouldn't be the same if I were forced to defend said stance).
B) Easier explanations exist and require many less of these arbitrary conditions, the your argument is all the more feeble and unlikely. Starting from the author's M.O. of going out of his way to address scenarios like this. And if you want to talk about past evidence and adopt an in-universe perspective, the series made a staple of people not fighting at 100% against stronger opponents and them usually pointing out when they're too tired to do something relevant in critical situations. If Goku was supposed to be too tired to use SS3 at that point and not them dicking around or saving up, the reasonable inference would be "someone would likely made a point about it" long before assuming this "being too tired and healing back" shenanigans are happening off-screen or unbeknownst to the reader .

By the way, you write way too much; your posts are almost stream-of-consciousness-like despite containing maybe one line of relevant information. Not everything needs to be a five-paragraph essay. Learn to be more concise: it's hard to read you and get your point.
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