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User Info: lilhurk1985187

4 weeks ago#11
TEzeon431 posted...
Yeah, but that happens much later.I'm talking about before the Shadow Dragons arc started.
Even then i would say Vegeta is stronger based on the fact Pan did better against Rildo than gohan. While was getting weaker just by being there she still kicked a little ass. Also Vegeta had been traing the whole time so i think it would be safe to assume even though he never attain it he was either as strong or stronger than SSJ3.
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User Info: Engorgio

4 weeks ago#12
DBZFan849 posted...
The only thing GT cared about is that Goku is number 1 and nobody else matters but him.

The same goes for DBS.

User Info: Seymour_Natus

4 weeks ago#13
TEzeon431 posted...
Then if Vegeta is stronger, how much did he power up from Z that he was able to overtake Ultimate Gohan?

Vegeta never even reached SS3, so this means as a SS2 he became stronger than Gohan? Doesn't make sense

Vegeta trained, after 15 years even if his SSj2 can surpass Goku’s SSJ3 from Buu saga. I mean even base Goku surpassed his SSJ3 from Buu saga.

User Info: Dark_Zoroark

4 weeks ago#14
Now that you mention this. Why the hell was Goten more powerful than Trunks? Goten was destroying Baby when he first arrived on Earth but Trunks couldn't manage to deal with him.
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User Info: TenshiSan

4 weeks ago#15
Both GT and Super Gohan are disappointments.

They are the guy who go once a month to the gym.

User Info: dragonball0900

4 weeks ago#16
Vegeta is stronger. Even without SSJ4.

SSJ Baby Gohan (stronger than normal SSJ Gohan) was losing against SSJ Vegeta (not Baby Vegeta). That means SSJ Gohan is even weaker and would lose even easier against SSJ Vegeta. It was only when Baby Goten came when Vegeta was losing against their team effort.

Then we go forwards to the Super 17 Saga when Vegeta was doing better than anyone else against Super 17, including Gohan and Majuub. And that is without taking into account SSJ4.

Vegeta > Gohan in GT is downright stated and shown. In short, Vegeta is stronger than everyone in GT excluding Goku and the antagonists.

User Info: Scotty_Rogers

4 weeks ago#17
Baby-Gohan wasn't beating Vegeta at all. The attacks he landed as an SS had no effect on Vegeta, despite the latter being in base. And after Vegeta transformed and they had their little Ki blast war, Baby-Gohan was the only one tired. Vegeta wasn't at all impressed with Baby-Gohan and was about to finish him off when Goten came.

Gohan stopped training and lost Ultimate in GT. Vegeta kept training.
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User Info: toriyama-chan

3 weeks ago#18
TEzeon431 posted...
Idk, he was ready to go off into space and help Goku find the black star Dragon Balls. And he's definitely way stronger than DBS Gohan despite being a full time professor. Look at Resurrection F Gohan and compare him to GT Gohan.
The sad part about this is that he still had his ultimate form as of BoG. He did better than SSJ3 Goku vs Beerus. Then Toriyama just decided to make him barely able to turn Super Saiyan because ???????????
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