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User Info: dragonball0900

1 month ago#21
Saganbo is WAY stronger than Manga Kefla.

We know for a fact that in the manga:

LSSJ Kale <= LSSJ Kefla <= Ultimate Gohan (ToP) <<<<< Ultimate Gohan (Moro Saga) <<<<< Saganbo

Gohan trained and reached high levels, increasing his strength considerably to the point that Goku thought he was barely recognizable. The power chain in the Moro Saga is simply that large.

User Info: FlyingWindGod

1 month ago#22
I'm not saying Kefla from what we saw of her in the tournament would be a match for Saganbo, obviously she'd get trounced by him in that regard.

I'm saying what we saw of her in the tournament may not have been her best. Largely because of how inconsistent her claims and her power appeared to be.
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