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User Info: Goham

1 month ago#11
Golden Freeza vs Hit vs Black
Hit is easily the strongest out of the three. Golden Frieza in recent times is nothing more than fodder and Black is only SSB tier.

Broly vs Jiren
Jiren is leagues above Broly. Despite what delusional Broly fans may tell you, Broly is only SSB tier at his max power / potential and wouldn't stand a chance against SSBE Vegeta or UI Goku.

Ultimate Gohan vs 17
Are you serious?

SSB Gogeta vs MUI Goku
MUI is something Angels and GoDs use, and unless DBS completely f***ed over it's powerscaling with a simple fusion MUI Goku >>> SSB Gogeta.

We can't really compare the two since we've never seen SSB Gogeta's power, but comparing it to SSB Vegito it hypothetically shouldn't be that strong to the level of MUI Goku.

User Info: WingedKuriboh

1 month ago#12
Krillin vs Tien (base on data)
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User Info: dbzisthebest100

1 month ago#13
chstar posted...
dbzisthebest100 posted...
superman 2000 posted...
dbzisthebest100 posted...
Broly vs Jiren is crazy controversial.

Gogeta vs UI Goku is close, but you could always say that Gogeta was holding back in the broly movie (didn't use SSBKaioKen/EvoBlue) and it becomes alot more in favor of Gogeta.

How the f*** would solo Goku outdo his own fusion?

UI is just that OP in some people's eyes. Heroes also portrays UI Goku above Vegito, which helps their camp.

Gogeta trashes UI Goku IMO.

I agree the idea is stupid. But then supposedly ssg Goku was beyond vegetto in battle of the gods. So it’s not unreasonable to believe Ultra instinct is beyond SSB vegetto.

As stupid as that concept is

im indifferent to the idea of a SSBlue fusion being weaker then UI, as you said back in Battle of Gods the SSGod form was beyond SS3 fusion, makes sense that history repeats.

no way in hell is UI above a Evolved Blue KaioKen X20 fusion though. That's a normal blue fusion multiplied by four-friggin-hundred! no way UI is THAT much of an upgrade.
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User Info: Rexzor

1 month ago#14
Hardly anyone cares about Golden Freeza vs Hit vs Goku Black. Especially when pretty much everyone agree that Hit would kick both of their asses. Anime or Manga.

Broly vs Jiren, on the other hand, is quite split, especially when it comes to Anime Jiren.

Gohan VS 17 doesn't seem to be controversial. Pretty much everyone agree that 17 wins in Anime, while Gohan wins in the Manga.

SSB Gogeta VS UI Goku is controversial, but I don't think it's quite on the same degree as Broly VS Jiren.

So my vote goes to Broly vs Jiren (as far as I'm concerned, Broly is stronger).

User Info: kn83

1 month ago#15
Obviously Broly vs Jiren. Also 17 vs Freeza (ToP).
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