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User Info: DumbQuestion

1 week ago#1
Hit is hired with the task of killing Frieza. Frieza obviously has the option in going golden in all scenarios, but here are the scenarios

Scenario 1: U6 Tournament Arc Hit VS RoF Frieza

Scenario 2. ToP Hit VS ToP arc Frieza

Both versions take into account the anime versions of the characters. Either way, do you think Hit or Frieza would win most times /10?

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User Info: SS2Matt

1 week ago#4
Yeah, Hit could take out Freeza in his 4th form if he's off-guard.
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User Info: lilhurk1985187

1 week ago#5
If he catches Frieza off guard he can.
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User Info: UraRenge2005

1 week ago#6
I see absolutely no way Frieza wins or survives. He's a lot more resilient than most people, but Hit is smart and would figure out he needs to disintegrate him to kill him. Also Frieza loses a lot of power when he gets cut into pieces too, so that wouldn't be an issue for Hit. Frieza has absolutely nothing that can negate time stop. It made SSJBlue Vegeta look like a rag doll and even when Goku figured out a way to counter it he knew he'd lose.

Hit wins in both scenarios.
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User Info: Ghostrain23

1 week ago#7
Hit kills him, where is everyone getting this great idea that frieza is this magnificent fighter?
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User Info: ScrappyDingo

1 week ago#9
Frieza just tosses a ki blast up into the air so it hits him after Hit kills him and revives him.
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