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User Info: DumbQuestion

1 month ago#1
Who are some of the best DB youtubers? Not only in terms of entertainment, but being reputable and having a good amount of information regarding the DB franchise as a whole? etc

User Info: Dagosta

1 month ago#2
There are no "good" DBZ youtubers. Just varying degrees of not as s***ty.

In fact the entire anime side of YouTube mostly just makes me feel bad for liking anime.
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User Info: Forest_Temple

1 month ago#3
Geekdom is widely regarded as the greatest DB Youtuber of all time. Many calling him the Dragon Ball Prophet.

User Info: Xdragon2002

1 month ago#4
For real though I don’t see a lot of people complaining about totally not mark
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User Info: Simplexible

1 month ago#5
Mistarefusion's dragon ball dissection is awesome, he analysis the Japanese manga and reveals a lot of good information, starting from chapter 1 of dragon ball, he's now in the cell saga. Totally Not Mark also has good videos, although I find myself disagreeing with him and his way of doing things at times.

User Info: DeliciousCupCak

1 month ago#6

User Info: AngelsNAirwav3s

1 month ago#7
He hasn't been making a lot of videos lately, but AnimeAjay is the only channel I have found worth watching, his animation reviews/breakdowns are pretty great, I have learned a ton from his channel
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User Info: mehmeh1

1 month ago#8
Totally Not Mark and AnimeAjay IMO (loved their "best animated moments in the ToP" collab too), though sadly Ajay disappeared aside for complaining about the 30th anniversary blu-rays
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User Info: YaBoyVegeta

1 month ago#9
I like RhymeStyle and Nano
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User Info: Ben Reilly

Ben Reilly
1 month ago#10
YaBoyVegeta posted...
I like RhymeStyle and Nano

Rhymestyle is f***ing awful especially with those dumb ass inflections he does with his voice.

He sounds like a more mentally challenged pee wee Herman
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