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  3. In general, do you prefer to watch Dragon Ball Z voiced in Japanese or English?

User Info: slk_23

1 month ago#1
Japanese or English? - Results (65 votes)
27.69% (18 votes)
72.31% (47 votes)
This poll is now closed.
It's common knowledge that most anime enthusiasts prefer to watch their shows in the original Japanese. However, I find that Dragon Ball Z tends to be a notable exception. On the internet, I have seen nothing but disdain for Masako Nozawa's "old grandma voice" whereas Sean Schemmel's voice is consistently praised. I don't know whether it's due to nostalgia, cultural differences, or some combination of the two. Is having an old woman provide the voice for Goku really that bad?

User Info: Jlockrocks

1 month ago#2
Holy crap the English dubs are bad.....

User Info: edward18

1 month ago#3
Japanese. It's how I grew up with the original and by extension watching Z in Japanese just sounds normal to me.

On top of that some of the voices in English can get a bit grating.
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User Info: SSJGPiccles

1 month ago#4
I've always preferred the English cast on a note that they all do a very good job on their own right and it's a lot easier to immerse myself in the story and action when I can understand the character's dialog as they speak it.

Seeing how some of them act in the wake of the Vic Mignogna stuff though has honestly made start to feel weirdly dirty about it though.

(And really it's all about nostalgia and indoctrination. Lots of people grew up with the English dub of DBZ so they preffer it. People complaining about Nozawa's Granny voice could be the same people who praise Linda Young's Granny voice)
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User Info: sou

1 month ago#5
For those who don't know Nozawa at all, how many ppl can just hear her Goku and say it's a granny voice?
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User Info: SonGaton

1 month ago#6
Yes, it's that bad. Goku just sounds awful in japanese. An alien superhuman with sick gains who has a super high-pitched voice is just wrong. It also kind of undermines the evolution of his character. Goku always has the same f***ing voice, meanwhile in the english dub and other language dubs Goku's voice changes drastically. Hell, in the german dub Goku has 3 voices... One for his kid self, then he gets a new voice for his 18 year old self in the 23rd WT and after that his voice changes one last time from the beginning of Z onwards.

On a sidenote, I would probably have been way less annoyed by DBS Goku if I watched the english dub. The japanese voice made all these dumb jokes ten times worse.

With all due respect, Goku's voice actress is mad dedicated to the character, but Goku outgrew her voice literal decades ago. Just sounds absolutely f***ing terrible and you're a fedora-tipping, katana-wielding, My Little Pony-loving weeb if you think otherwise. Original isn't better just because it's original. Fact.
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User Info: lilhurk1985187

1 month ago#8
Dubbed>>>>>>>>>subbed.granny goku sounds like trash and ruins him. The worst sounding fight in DB history.
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User Info: OmniAlgus

1 month ago#9
I wish DB dub was as good as what Seven Deadly sins has.

Shame that even a parody group like TFS does a way better job in dubbing than Funimation.

User Info: Forest_Temple

1 month ago#10
I honestly like both. For OG DB I have to watch English though. For Z and Super I can go either way.
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