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User Info: Xeogran

6 days ago#1

And I'm pretty happy about this news. For one it's a GT character, and second, it's an unexpected one. Shows that ArcSYS is willing to take surprising choices and not just go with the trend, what I applaud them off.

His moveset looks dope as well.

User Info: edward17

6 days ago#2

I mean it's another goku ....but it's KID GOKU.

the Goku iteration out there.

User Info: dominodalek

6 days ago#3
That's actually pretty cool.

User Info: OmniAlgus

6 days ago#4
Ssj4 would be better...

User Info: Scotty_Rogers

6 days ago#5
"another version of Goku"

are these devs even f***ing trying here. and it could have at least been UI or SS4. SMH
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User Info: FlyingWindGod

6 days ago#6
*implying we aren't going to get both SSJ4 and UI*

Seriously, the devs aren't going to be satisfied till literally half of their roster are different versions of Goku.
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User Info: ScrappyDingo

6 days ago#7
Yes. ANOTHER GOKU! Who turns into SSJ3 to fire a Kamehameha and his Super is a Spirit Bomb just like the OTHER Gokus.

Arksys is lazy as f*** with this game. Expecting Baby Vegeta at this point because this game can't have enough Goku and Vegeta.
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User Info: AfterFortune

6 days ago#8

I can't wait for this game to have a sequel so they can fix the roster
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User Info: Lorulian

6 days ago#9
It's another Goku...but at least it isn't another adult Goku.

I wanted Kid Goku from DB, but I guess this is close enough. He even uses the Power Pole in his moveset.
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(edited 6 days ago)
This is pretty lazy. They couldn't even give us SS4?
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