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User Info: tvmasterdoodles

6 months ago#1
-Gohan keeps training but not enough to maintain or surpass his power against Cell. And yes, he still does the Great Saiyaman routine and it becomes a major plot point towards the end,

-Goten is never born, fusion never exists. Trunks lives a life of peace; never taking up fighting and instead taking after Bulma wanting to be an inventor.

-Goku stays dead, only meeting Gohan in the World of the Kais and never gets revived.

-With Goku not influencing the tournament, Gohan goes it alone with Vegeta only joining due to sensing his energy during the strength test. He has kept up his training and now has SSJ2. Gohan now joins to support his family with the prize money. Although Videl begs him not to beat her father, Gohan screams at her he needs to win and blows her off. Piccolo also,joins at Gohan's request, also to relive the nostalgia of his MaJunior days.

-Supreme Kai recruits Gohan through actually fighting and wiping the floor with him. Kibito is nearly killed fighting Piccolo who joins to keep an eye on Gohan's progress.

-Supreme Kai is devious and confident in his skills as a combatant. Also deceptively component, only seeming like a total wuss to test the Saiyans. He's also the one with instantaneous movement.

-Spopovich and Yamu still drain Gohan after the fight, and soon after Spopo just MASSACRES Mr. Satan out of a bloody revengence, Satan dies... leaving Videl completely broken and Gohan immensely regretting how he treated her.

-Vegeta and Gohan team up to blast the ship and this, unfortunately brings Buu up to 90% energy. Dabura emerges, kills Kibito and massacres Gohan. This causes Vegeta to lose faith in the boy and Babidi uses this to manipulate and reawakens his latent evil, possessing him.

-They fight as Goku did reawakening Majin Buu; instead of stupidity causing it Its through Vegeta legit threatening Gohan's life and the planet at large to get a good fight.

-Instead of Fat Buu, Kid Buu emerges and goes on a f***ing rampage! At Babidi's behest he devours Dabura, nearly kills Supreme Kai and blows up the Earth just as Supreme Kai finds Gohan and Vegeta to get them out of there! Babidi survives through a barrier shield and manages to successfully control Buu proving his worth as a magician.

-Planet after planet falls to Babidi and Buu. Supreme Kai can only watch in horror as his own inability to stop this sooner forces him into a depression. He realizes he's a failure as a protector and allows Gohan to do the Z Sword training. Gohan's training causes Goku to sense him and find him. Events play out as normal here but with Vegeta present and alive, freed of Babidi's control due to being out of range and horrified at what his selfishness and pride have wrought.

-Old Kai awakens Gohan's full potential and Goku's further motivates him and Vegeta by showing them Super Saiyan 3, explaining no mortal could ever maintain this in the living world and how it would likely kill them despite its power due to poor ki control. They briefly fight to test their strength and this unfortunately causes Babidi to find them. Wherein Old Kai and Supreme Kai book it to New Namek after Goku is reminded of their Dragon Balls. Babidi leaves Buu to his own devices whist he trails the Kais, locking on to their path.

-In the ensuing fight, Kid Buu kills Vegeta in a clash of his pink beam vs the Galick Gun combined with Big Bang Attack. This leaves Vegeta not a ghost with the others, but in the Check in Station stripped of his body to be judged. With nothing seeming to phase Buu and him coming back from vapors, King Kai reminds the Saiyans of the Spirit Bomb, and it combined with Gohan's increased power might be enough to kill Buu. While Goku holds Buu off, King Kai instructs Gohan in how to master the technique via telepathy.

To be concluded in the next post.
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User Info: tvmasterdoodles

6 months ago#2
-Babidi corners the Kais on New Namek, holding Moori hostage and threatens to kill him; removing any chance of restoring everything Buu has destroyed. This leaves Supreme Kai with no choice but to kill Babidi with a suicide attack; erasing both the wizard and novice Kai from existence.

-The wishes are made to restore all worlds Buu blew up and anyone killed excluding Babidi and his minions. This brings Vegeta back on the World of the Kais to witness Gohan struggling to make a spirit bomb to kill Buu whilst Goku is close to being wiped from existence. So King Kai connects Gohan to the Earth to inform the populous that THE GREAT SAIYAMAN NEEDS YOUR HELP TO DEFEAT THIS VILLAIN THREATENING THE ENITRE UNIVERSE! It's as funny as it sounds...

-The final wish, akin to the canon version restores Gohan to full power allowing him to put Buu down for good. Upon returning to the World of the Kais Elder Kai informs the Saiyans of Supreme Kai's sacrifice... lamenting how an old fart has outlived such fresh young Kai and one of the last in existence... Goku says his final goodbyes to Gohan and Vegeta as they return home and tell their loved ones of what transpired. Vegeta truly turns over a new leaf and the universe is now at peace
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User Info: lilhurk1985187

6 months ago#3
Get rid of gohan and replace him with Future Trunks. Have old Kai unlock Trunks full power and Trunks would decimate Buu.Massive improvement right there.
Broly is Canon,deal with it.

User Info: Big_Nabendu

6 months ago#4
No super Buu?
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User Info: Drethrake

6 months ago#5
It's.... okay.

Not as good as what we got. But it's okay.

Here's how I'd run it:


Gohan keeps up training after Goku dies, he maintains his Cell Saga powers but does not get stronger.

Vegeta trains vigorously to surpass Cell Saga Gohan but just can't quite hit SSJ2 yet.

Piccolo maintains training and hits Perfect Cell tier but NOT SPC tier.

Goten and Trunks hit SSJ via training with Gohan and Vegeta. Not in that weird bargain bin manner.

17 keeps in touch with his sister.


Things progress normally until the tourney.

Goku remains dead, but Vegeta opts to join because he wants to beat the next best thing. Gohan.

Piccolo joins as does Krillin and 18 and so does 17 after 18 gave him a call. We meet 17's family for the first time. It is a nice and happy reunion.

Tien also shows up, having sensed everyone converging on the tournament Isle and guesses everyone's going to sign up.

Yamcha decides to sign up, too.

Tien and Yamcha replace Jewel and Killa in the tourney.

17 replaces Pintar.

Mighty Mask stays.

Tourney happens as normal except 17 is up against Krillin.

Krillin is crapping bricks at the sight of 17. But 17 holds back and casually fights Krillin, having fun with the match to test Krillin's strength. Krillin threw in the towel in training since Cell so he's sluggish, but 18's been whipping him back into shape.

In one final clash. 17 tells Krillin to buy his own house and get his sister off Kame House Island with the prize money, and fakes his defeat and flies off the arena.

18 scolds 17 for going easy on her husband but 17 only shrugs and says he only came to have fun, not for the money.

Shin vs Piccolo occurs. Piccolo senses Shin's power and who he is. He withdraws out of respect for the deity.

Spopovich and Yamu take Gohan's Ki and fly off.

Piccolo agrees to go with the Supreme Kai to investigate. Vegeta is asked to join who shrugs, now that Gohan's out of the picture there really is no reason for him to be here. 17 asks to follow them as well with Krillin beside him. Tien also opts to withdraw from the tournament to join his comrades.

Kibito stays behind, heals Gohan, and they go after the others.

Dabura kills Kibito, turns Krillin and Tien into stone.

17 quickly reacts and charges for the Demon King and a fight ensues. 17 isn't quite SPC tier yet and he is only able to land a few minor hits on the Demon King before Vegeta decides to step in.

Seeing that he has bitten off more than he can chew. Dabura withdraws into the spaceship.

Shin yells at Vegeta not to blow up the shapeship because they might wake Buu.

Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, 17, and Shin enter the shapeship.

Vegeta takes out PuiPui.

Gohan takes out Yakon showing that he still has the SSJ2 powers of when he beat Cell and Vegeta realises he still hasn't caught up to Gohan which makes him growl in frustration.

Dabura fights 17 in a rematch. The Android's infinite energy works to his advantage as he slowly begins to wear down the Demon King. But he's not making any serious damage.

Vegeta loses his patience shouting "Get down here! I'll finish it myself!" Dabura senses the evil in Vegeta's heart and tells Babidi.

Vegeta goes Majin and challenges Gohan with his new SSJ form.

17, Piccolo, and Shin head further down to face Dabura.

17 and Piccolo team up against Dabura, the fight is much more even this time. But even the two combined cannot take out the Demon King.

Energy expended from Gohan and Vegeta's fight wakes up Buu.

Majin Buu is still his fat form self. But he exhibits Kai-like abilities and Shin is shocked to learn Buu has retained the Kaioshin powers after absorption!

Part 2 next.
I'm a Writer and also a Gamer.

User Info: Drethrake

6 months ago#6
Part 2 -

Meanwhile, with so many fighters having withdrawn, Mr. Satan proposes a battle royale with the remaining members.

Yamcha, 18, the brats in Mighty Mask's outfit, and Mr. Satan take to the ring.

Yamcha is afraid of 18 and knows he can't win. And asks her to go easy on him.

18 ignores him and heads straight for Mighty Mask once the bell rings!

The brats fumbling in Mighty Mask's outfit struggle against 18 and they realise they're no match for her in base form and that they need to go Super Saiyan!

Yamcha meanwhile looks to Mr. Satan, thinking he can at least go out with some glory by taking the World Champ with him!

Yamcha unleashes his spirit ball, to which Mr. Satan is shocked and scared of. And prepares to launch his attack when 18 knocks the brats out of the sky and into the unwary Yamcha, all three of them fall out of bounds.

18's extortion of Mr. Satan happens as usual.


Gohan vs Majin Vegeta is more in favour of Vegeta. He is exhilerated that he's finally surpassed the son of the clown who thought he was better than the Saiyan Prince!

Gohan as a SSJ2 struggles but is eventually defeated by Vegeta who flies off to take care of Buu by himself.

Vegeta has a sensu here due to the special fact that Yajirobe was at the tournament and gave Gohan a couple after Videl got hurt.

Buu has beaten 17 and Piccolo down and has killed the Demon King. Babidi is overjoyed and shouting to kill these three.

Buu is about to do so when Vegeta arrives.

Vegeta fights the pink monster and fights a losing battle, getting the crud beat out of him.

17 decides that it'd be best to take out Babidi while Buu is busy. He does so. Babidi is dead.

The brats arrive in time to see Vegeta's losing battle. Piccolo tries to stop Trunks from saving his dad but fails due to injuries. Vegeta knocks Trunks and Goten out and tells Piccolo and 17 to take them and get lost.

Vegeta sacrifices himself. Buu survives. With no Babidi to control him. Buu's rampage is far more casual, simply doing it out of fun rather than any obligation.

Gohan is found by Shin and Kibito who take him to Supreme Kai world and that is where Gohan meets Goku who has IT'd himself onto the supreme kai world after sensing Gohan's energy.

Goku helps train Gohan after he pulls out the Z Sword.

King Kai telepathically contacts Piccolo to tell him about fusion so that Gotenks can still be a thing. It was Goku's request that Kaio relay the information to Piccolo before realising Gohan was still alive.

Piccolo and 17 teach the brats fusion.

Mr. Satan and Buu become friends, the gunman shoots the puppy, Super Buu is born. Piccolo settles the debate by saying the monster is now far more dangerous than before personality-wise rather than Power-wise.

The brats are in the time chamber, and Super Buu arrives on the lookout. He remembers 17 and Piccolo as the two he easily beat before.

Gotenks is born and fights Super Buu.

There is no SSJ3 Gotenks, instead, it's SSJ2 Gotenks who we will say thanks to fusion multiplier power can be roughly equal to Super Buu as SSJ2 Gotenks would rival a SSJ3 unfused character if not surpass it.

Gohan breaks Z sword, Old kai unlocks Gohan's potential.

Piccolo destroys time chamber. Buu breaks out and kills everyone. Tien left sometime ago to check on Chiaotzu and it's up to 17 to protect the others. 18 would have helped out, but she has Marron to worry about, instead, Krillin joins him in the suicide fight. Krillin is killed, but 17 manages to stall Buu long enough for Gotenks and Piccolo to break out.

The others are alive. Some of them. 17 is heavily damaged but alive.

Gotenks and Buu fight. Fusion runs out. Gohan arrives and kills Super Buu.

There is no Buutenks or Kid Buu.

The end.
I'm a Writer and also a Gamer.

User Info: TaskmasterX

6 months ago#7
All these ideas suck because Gohan isn’t and houldnt be the main character.

User Info: Sloth9230

6 months ago#8
TaskmasterX posted...
All these ideas suck because Gohan isn’t and houldnt be the main character.

After all that buildup he def should
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User Info: Simplexible

6 months ago#9
Sloth9230 posted...
TaskmasterX posted...
All these ideas suck because Gohan isn’t and houldnt be the main character.

After all that buildup he def should

Gohan doesn't deserve to be the main character. He went through life riding off of Goku's coat tails, that's why it was easier for him to get away with abusing "potential" instead of actually earning power ups. Gon from Hunter x Hunter is a much better example of a son of a legend.

User Info: tvmasterdoodles

6 months ago#10
Simplexible posted...
Sloth9230 posted...
TaskmasterX posted...
All these ideas suck because Gohan isn’t and houldnt be the main character.

After all that buildup he def should

Gohan doesn't deserve to be the main character. He went through life riding off of Goku's coat tails, that's why it was easier for him to get away with abusing "potential" instead of actually earning power ups. Gon from Hunter x Hunter is a much better example of a son of a legend.

Gohan was forced into a life of fighting space pirates, Space Hitler and a Frankenstinian bugman when he was barely old enough to READ! All those moments of him losing no his temper, all that hidden power, it had a very good buildup which his father helped him realize that his old man won't be around forever and that he will have to take his place one day, regardless of his own hopes and dreams.
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