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Should DB end like Yuyu Hakusho?

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User Info: papaya

6 months ago#1
I mean after the supposingly biggest fight, everyone realizes their toughest opponent is merely a middle high class fighter and there's tons of stronger opponents and that the main characters have to accept they aren't even close to being the strongest people.

The way Dragon Ball is going, Goku keeps getting stronger & stronger, they should just let Goku call it a day that he accept the fact that he is only that strong and so ends Dragon Ball series.

User Info: Engorgio

6 months ago#2
Dragon Ball can't end until Vegeta gets the "W".

User Info: summerclaw

6 months ago#3
Yuyuhakusho is trash.
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User Info: papaya

6 months ago#4
Engorgio posted...
Dragon Ball can't end until Vegeta gets the "W".

how bout Vegeta & Bulma divorce & Yamcha marries Bulma? wouldn't that be the ultimate best ending?

User Info: C7D

6 months ago#5
I think they were close to the strongest at the end of the 3 Kings arc. Did you not get past the dark tournament saga?
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User Info: the0rebirth

6 months ago#6
By the time DB originally ended, the characters had conquered aliens (Vegeta, Frieza, etc.), technology (17, 18, Cell), deities (Kami, King, Supreme), and magic (Majin Boo). The ceiling was hit a very long time ago, and all Super's really done is rehash the whole "deities" theme. It should have just stayed retired if all they plan to do is give Goku new colors and fight more implausibly powerful antagonists.
"The Dragon Ball Super anime is lowering the IQ of the characters so the DB fan base can relate to them better." -Acharyap28

User Info: Solar_Crimson

6 months ago#7
summerclaw posted...
Yuyuhakusho is trash.

Haha, no.
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User Info: Jlockrocks

6 months ago#8
summerclaw posted...
Yuyuhakusho is trash.

I just recently started watching it because it's always hyped up by's good....but not great......

User Info: ShinigamiRagna

6 months ago#9
It should end with everyone going to Roshi's funeral, and then the beach?

YYH manga ended with Yusuke saving Spirit World from terrorists with a laser, learning Genkai died, going to her funeral, and then going to the beach.
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