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User Info: the0rebirth

11 months ago#1
which ones do you choose?

For me, it's instant transmission (EXTREMELY practical), stretchy limbs (for those hard-to-reach places!), and last but not least, candy beam (do I even need to explain?)
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User Info: SengokuBasara4

11 months ago#2
Multi Form Technique
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User Info: Simplexible

11 months ago#3
Limitless Stamina

User Info: Lorulian

11 months ago#4
Flight, Instant Transmission, Time Rewind

Will make everyday things for me much easier
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User Info: Scotty_Rogers

11 months ago#5
Infinite stamina
Kai Kai
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User Info: DBZFan849

11 months ago#6
Monna's ball technique
Hop's claws
Ribrianne's love machine gun
Monna's clone is still in the tournament!

User Info: laundrysucks

11 months ago#7
Instant Transmission
Whis' Time Rewind
Time Skip or Dyspo Super Speed
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User Info: ajniN

11 months ago#8
hakai, and would hakai team toei, team AT, and all gokufans.
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User Info: Tony_Biggie_Pun

11 months ago#10
Instant transmission
Buus regeneration
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