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What is the worst canonical saga in DB history?

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User Info: dawnset

8 months ago#1
Yes I know Super 17 is the most hated here, but barring GT, what is the worst saga in DB, Z, or Super history?
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User Info: User728

8 months ago#2
Anything from the Saiyan saga onward is tied.

User Info: DBZFan849

8 months ago#3
Buu saga is often regarded as the worst non-gt/filler saga so that.
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User Info: Sega9599

8 months ago#4
Garlic Jr?
For me Namek Saga is just so boring and back and forth
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User Info: PrinceVlad

8 months ago#5
From DBZ: Cell saga.
From DBS: TOP.

User Info: SamuraiLloyd

8 months ago#6
Well, if we exclude GT, then these would be the ones I would consider the worst:

OG Dragon Ball: Red Ribbon Army Saga
Z: Buu Saga
Super: Future Trunks Saga
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User Info: Dark_Zoroark

8 months ago#7
DB: RR Saga
Z: Buu Saga
Super: RoF
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User Info: Kaname_Madoka

8 months ago#8
tournament of poop
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User Info: Rexzor

8 months ago#9
DB: RR Saga
Z: Buu Saga
Super: ToP Saga

User Info: ZeroBeatt

8 months ago#10
Return of Freeza arc.
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