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Universally liked Dragon Ball characters?

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User Info: CrimsonNocturna

4 months ago#1
I’ve heard people say bad things about most characters and it’s true that there won’t be something mutually agreed upon by everyone, but which characters are praised the most?

My vote is Piccolo. People always be talking crap on Krillin, Yamcha, Gohan, Goku and Vegeta but you hardly ever hear a bad word about Piccolo.
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User Info: UraRenge2005

4 months ago#2

It takes a weird bastard to hate Piccolo.
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User Info: Sada_Pop

4 months ago#3
Future Trunks
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User Info: MrSir231

4 months ago#4
I don’t think Yajirobe or King Kai get much hate
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User Info: Clone-Matsumoto

4 months ago#5
UraRenge2005 posted...

It takes a weird bastard to hate Piccolo.

ehh, just let him own goku one times, vegeta few times or gohan three, four times. Here you go.

User Info: Jlockrocks

4 months ago#6

User Info: Acharyap28

4 months ago#7
Sada_Pop posted...
Future Trunks

Lots of people hate him for the SSJ rage form and the Genki dama sword attack

User Info: Ghostrain23

4 months ago#8
I think it honestly came from the Broly movie where he b****ed vegeta

User Info: TheCroix

4 months ago#9
God Emperor Satan
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User Info: Scotty_Rogers

4 months ago#10
Piccolo has gotten a ton of ridicule for constantly getting rekt in fights.

>Got rekt by Tagoma
>Got killed by Freeza
>Got rekt by Frost
>Got rekt by a mosquito and eliminated when he could have just used his arms to get back to the arena.
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